1. TempoTec Sonata MHD

    TempoTec Sonata MHD

    TempoTec Sonata MHD MQA 8X TIDAL Headphone Amplifier ES9281 Dongle USB DAC DSD128 TYPE-C TO 3.5MM For Android Mac Win10
  2. Hidizs S3 PRO

    Hidizs S3 PRO

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 20*10*90mm Net Weight: Approximately t 6g MQA Support: X8 Sampling Rate Indicator Light: Supported D/A Chip: ESS ES9281C PRO Sampling Frequency: Up to 32Bit/384kHz DSD: Up to 128 Output: Single-ended 3.5mm headphone port Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise...
  3. xDuoo X2S

    xDuoo X2S

    Xduoo X2S DSD128 PCM 24Bit/129kHz OLED Screen Portable HiFi Lossless MP3 Music Player
  4. A

    New Member - My Mee Pinnacle Px (Massdrop)

    Setup: smartphone > xduoo xd-05 > mee audio pinnacle px. Playing DSD64 & 128. Bass boost & gain turned off. Using provided foam tips (largest) Looks: Paint on casings quickly chips off. Just wishin’ for all of it to come off to reveal the silver...