1. Ichos

    Drop + SMSL HO150X / Linear headphone amplifier

    This is a dedicated thread for discussing about the Drop + SMSL HO150X headphone amplifier. Let's start with the Drop + SMSL HO150X world premiere review. Feel free to comment and discuss.
  2. Drop + SMSL HO150X

    Drop + SMSL HO150X

    SPECS Drop + SMSL Precision Linear Feedback Circuit (PLFC) Inputs: Balanced, unbalanced Headphone outputs: XLR 4-pin, 6.35 mm unbalanced Preamplifier outputs: RCA Unbalanced Balanced output power: 6,000mW (at 16 ohms), 3,000mW (at 32 ohms), 550 mw (at 300 ohms) Single-ended output power...
  3. DROP

    Announcing the Battlestations Community on Drop

    Hey Head-Fi - big things going on at Drop that we wanted to share here as well. :) We've just launched a new community, Battlestations—the first new community for us in a few years. To cut to the chase, this new Battlestations community will allow us to feature products outside of the two...
  4. Drop + Ultrasone Signature X

    Drop + Ultrasone Signature X

    YOUR NEW BASS OF OPERATIONS Bass is a big deal—especially in today’s music. Many headphones boost bass, but the results can be sub-par, all the way down to subs. Read the full specifications here.
  5. DROP

    Take Back Your Tax Promo

    Nothing is certain but death and taxes. Or so you thought. We can’t grant you immortality, but we can grant you a refund. It’s time to Take Back Your Tax. TLDR; no sales taxes for the next two weeks + free international shipping! If you know, you know... In the US, Tax Day is just a few...
  6. DROP

    Spring Cleaning 2023 Event!

    There once was a desk with a mess Who dreamed of becoming its best We got its groove on With a few coupons So now it can dress to impress There’s only one thing left to do Clean the desk right in front of you Give it a quick fix Clean with a few clicks Score coupons to buy something new To...
  7. DROP

    Drop BMR1 Nearfield Monitor Speakers

    New Drop Desktop Speakers Deliver Big Sound and Customization Options with a Minimal Footprint Radiant Audio, designed for the desktop It’s an age-old problem: your desk doesn’t have the space or aesthetic for full sized bookshelf speakers, so you look for headphones or in-ear monitors with...
  8. Evshrug

    EvShrug at Drop!

    Hey Everyone on Head-Fi! I’m pleased to announce that I have just started consulting for Drop (drop.com)! I hope to be a bridge to connect audio enthusiasts with the people at Drop to answer your product questions, give them feedback about your sonic desires, and hopefully provide some education...
  9. DekoniAudio

    Drop and Dekoni Are Giving Away 2 Drop Porta Pros and Dekoni Pads!

    EDIT: Winners have been chosen! If your initials are CB or TP, check your emails on how to claim your prize! Winners will be announced once they have claimed their prize. Dekoni Audio and Drop are giving away Drop X Koss Porta Pro headphones with Dekoni replacement pads! There will be two...
  10. DekoniAudio

    The lowest price on our HD800 balanced cable yet!

    Drop is currently running our lowest price yet for Dekoni Audio's HD800 4 pin XLR cable. What price is that you ask? Well you are just gonna have to log in to Drop.com to see it!
  11. DekoniAudio

    Nuggets! But for your head, not your mouth!

    Hey Dekoni Fans, Our friends over at Drop.com are running a great deal on Dekoni Audio Nuggets. What are Nuggets you say? They are little foam rectangles that you attach to your headband to remove hot spots and give yourself pressure relief. How much is the deal? 50% So grab them while they are...
  12. HoffmanMyster

    Introducing the Drop + Etymotic ERX In-Ear Monitors

    Hey everyone! First I’d like to very briefly introduce myself - I’m HoffmanMyster, and I’ve been handling the community side of things for Drop.com as of a few months ago. You’ll probably be seeing a bit more of me in the future and if you ever need anything related to Drop or our...
  13. vormhat

    Hifiman R7DX JM Edition Mod

  14. Drop + Hifiman R7DX

    Drop + Hifiman R7DX

  15. DekoniAudio

    Discontinued Alert: Pads for ESP95X

    The Fenestrated Sheepskin ear pads for the Drop x Koss ESP 95X headphone is being discontinued! Our ear pads for the ESP 95X will no longer be in our Dekoni line up. This set of pads was designed to reduce the reflections of the direct sound before entering the ear to produce a cleaner sound...
  16. M


    Hey Headfi -- writing in to let you all know we're running a promotion on the HIFIMAN HE5XX PLANAR MAGNETIC HEADPHONES. Normal retail: $220 Promotion price: $199 Until: 02/10/22 11:59pm pst https://drop.com/buy/drop-hifiman-he5xx Thanks!
  17. M


    Hey Headfi community, Mike from Drop here. Wanted to let you know that we released our first closed-back headphone collaboration with HIFIMAN. You can check out the price and more details by following the link to our product page and we already have some reviews from the community with...
  18. M

    Drop + Sennheiser 8XX Loaner Program

    Hey Head-Fi, My name is Michael and I coordinate the review samples for Drop.com. If you’ve heard about our latest headphone announcement, the Drop + Sennheiser 8XX, I’m happy to announce that we have a unit dedicated to being reviewed by the community here. Rules & Detail: This is a...
  19. project86

    Drop + Sennheiser HD8XX - now in final form

    Disclaimer: I've had good luck with many of the prior Drop headphones. Specifically the HD6XX, K7XX, Elex, HD58X, TH-X00, and most recently the Panda. All of these, in my opinion, improve upon their original/inspiration models in some way, whether that be price, performance, features (Panda) or...
  20. bogdan belonozhko

    Fir Audio VxV DROP

    Eyes here for the VxV deal to top all VxV deals: All the versatility and musicality of a streamlined M5 for US$799 (UP US$999), less than half of the M5's price. The VxV promises pressure equalization and a specialized tubeless sound chamber on top of five Drivers: One dynamic driver and Four...
  21. WillBright

    DROP is Hiring, Audiophile Product Manager

    Hey Folks, DROP is looking to hire an Audiophile Product Manager. https://boards.greenhouse.io/drop/jobs/2964222 This role is focused on community analysis, product definition, and product validation. We're looking for applicants with a strong background in these fields, and a strong history...
  22. Sennheiser

    New at Drop: Sennheiser HD 8XX

    Hello Head-Fi! We’re excited to announce a new Drop collaboration: the HD 8XX. This open-back audiophile headphone offers the same outstanding performance that made the original HD 800S the standard in high-end headphones: 56mm Ring Radiator transducers, carefully tuned Helmholtz resonators for...
  23. C

    Impact & Slam (6XX vs HE-6SE v2)

    Hi Head-fi, this is my first post, happy to be here. I have a newb question about comparing headphones, but first a little background on me/my gear. I’ve always loved music, but I didn’t start looking at higher end stuff until a few years ago. I picked up a pair of B&O h6 gen 2 to use at work...
  24. Mad Lust Envy

    Drop x Sennheiser PC38X

    edit: I just now realized that most of my recent reviews have attachment links that NO ONE can see, and so all of my images have been there for MY eyes only. It's quite upsetting. This is so disheartening. Now I'll have to spend a day redoing ALL the image attachments for so many reviews. Now I...
  25. FlpDaMattress

    Drop THX Panda's rendered lifeless on the first day || Any advice?

    Just as the title says, After 9 months of waiting, my Drop THX Panda's finally arrived at my doorstep. I unboxed them, used them for a few hours and they sound beautiful. Easily the best set in my small growing collection. But eventually they just without warning died about 5 hours after I took...