1. Sennheiser

    New at Drop: Sennheiser HD 8XX

    Hello Head-Fi! We’re excited to announce a new Drop collaboration: the HD 8XX. This open-back audiophile headphone offers the same outstanding performance that made the original HD 800S the standard in high-end headphones: 56mm Ring Radiator transducers, carefully tuned Helmholtz resonators for...
  2. C

    Impact & Slam (6XX vs HE-6SE v2)

    Hi Head-fi, this is my first post, happy to be here. I have a newb question about comparing headphones, but first a little background on me/my gear. I’ve always loved music, but I didn’t start looking at higher end stuff until a few years ago. I picked up a pair of B&O h6 gen 2 to use at work...
  3. Mad Lust Envy

    Drop x Sennheiser PC38X

    edit: I just now realized that most of my recent reviews have attachment links that NO ONE can see, and so all of my images have been there for MY eyes only. It's quite upsetting. This is so disheartening. Now I'll have to spend a day redoing ALL the image attachments for so many reviews. Now I...
  4. FlpDaMattress

    Drop THX Panda's rendered lifeless on the first day || Any advice?

    Just as the title says, After 9 months of waiting, my Drop THX Panda's finally arrived at my doorstep. I unboxed them, used them for a few hours and they sound beautiful. Easily the best set in my small growing collection. But eventually they just without warning died about 5 hours after I took...
  5. N

    Hifiman Arya + S.M.S.L SP200 + OPPO Ha-2 looking for a new DAC

    Hi, I bought my first High End headphone in the Hifiman Arya and paired it with a decent amp S.M.S.L SP200. Now i have my old portable dac(OPPO Ha-2) that i use but looking to upgrade that one. I was initially looking at the Drop Airist R2R DAC but it is impossible to find in europe. Any good...
  6. bedlam inside

    Spotted on DROP! ZEN DAC Signature from iFi??? Better than the ZEN DAC??

    So, look what I found today while browsing ye olde interwebs!!!! New kit from iFi audio. Been feeling a bit lazy on here lately but this got me wondering... ZEN DAC Signature - on DROP no less! I'm already wondering how this differs from the ZEN DAC? No mention of the the price but the...
  7. iFi audio

    iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX / ZEN DAC Signature now sold by iFi !!!

    ZEN and now: iFi’s latest Signature dishes iFi has reworked the award-winning ZEN DAC and ZEN CAN to create step-up Signature versions delivering even higher levels of performance, alongside an associated ‘crowd design’ initiative. Southport, England – iFi’s ZEN Series audio products earned...
  8. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: Rare DROP Hoodie from + THX Panda Headphones Launch

    This is a unique pullover hoodie that is/was only available to Drop employees or at special DROP events where they may give them out as SWAG. New, never worn. Size XL. Black. 100% cotton, made in USA. Has the cool DROP logo on the back in Black, and the "+" logo on the front pocket (see...
  9. Sennheiser

    Sennheiser takes over Drop!

    Hello Head-Fi! We’ve teamed up with Drop for a special Sennheiser shopping event starting June 9th and lasting through June 11th. They’ll have a curated selection of top-tier audio solutions for a wide range of listening applications. Additionally, we wanted to remind you that our current...
  10. NA Blur

    FT: Drop +THX AAA 789 AMP - Looking for Topping A90

    If you're not satisfied with your A90 amp from Topping and want to swap it out for the Drop + THX AAA 789 let me know. I already have the D90 DAC from topping and I'm looking to complete the set. I also have a Geshelli Labs Archel 2.5 if you are interested in that too / instead. CONUS Only...
  11. bcaulf17

    [SOLD] Beyerdynamic x Drop DT 177X Go Shipped NEAR PERFECT CONDITION

    Hello! Looking to sell my Beyerdynamic DT 177X Go. They are in great condition, almost perfect (just one little scuff on the leather headband). Comes with original packaging and accessories (sheepskin pads are still shrink wrapped)! In addition, I am including a Slappa carry case purchased...
  12. MarkSubsonik

    SOLD Hifiman x Drop HE4XX Excellent condition!

    Hi all, Was initially looking to swap these for another set in hopes I would be able to try something new (to me) but then I received the dreaded 'you may be furloughed' letter from work. Needless to say, I'm going to have to sell these guys, unfortunately. My loss is your gain, though! I...
  13. wormsdriver

    SOLD *** Cavalli CTH + SDAC

    For sale is a great condition Cavalli CTH + Sdac amp/dac. Comes with stock tube, power supply and original box for safe transport. Sounds great but I don't need it. $189 shipped and paypal included in the U.S.
  14. MarkSubsonik


    Hi all, So I need to thin the herd a bit. I don't listen to these much anymore and it's not for a lack of quality sound, that's for certain. Looking to give these a new home. Excellent, mint, like-new condition. I take obsessive care of my gear and these are no different. No dings, scrapes...
  15. Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

    Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X Electrostatic System

    "A revival of the standard-setting ESP/950 released by Koss in 1990, these headphones bring electrostatic quality into a whole new price bracket."
  16. MarkSubsonik


    Hey all. I've decided to sell my Sennheiser HD6XX. I bought these new from Drop a couple months ago and have listened to them maybe 8 hours total. I bought a set of HD600's very shortly after these and I prefer the sound of those over these. The condition is immaculate. I baby all of my gear...
  17. Davidibiza


    Bought these headphones from Drop in late December 2019. Barely used, not even burned in. Mint. Selling because I bought a Lcd2c from a headfier a month ago. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within the European Union. I already paid import taxes so you won't have to :wink:
  18. Option`

    WTB - SMSL SP 200 / Drop THX / Monolith THX amps.

    Looking to buy SMSL SP200 or Drop THX/Monolith THX amps.
  19. Pinkomeno

    DT 1990 "Sudden" channel imbalance

    I was listening to my usual music, until at a certain point I heard this very bizarre phase-swap-out, kind off. The right channel is much quieter now at 1500Hz (for example, there is like continuos peaks and dips now throughout the whole range on the right side). My question is, what in the holy...
  20. N

    [Sold]-Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones for Sale - UK/EU

    Hi, Selling my Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones in mint condition. I am first owner and only user and haven't used them much due to work and travel. They come with all the original parts as below 1. Original packaging 2. Headphones 3. Original headphone cables Price includes paypal fees but...
  21. alphameridian0

    Want: THX AAA 789

    Hi, Looking for a Massdrop THX AAA 789 w/ the original massdrop logo preferably. Not too interested in the monoprice or sml analogs of this amp. Local to Orange County, CA Hope to hear back from some of you!
  22. S

    [SOLD] Brand New/Sealed HD6XX - $189 shipped CONUS

    EDIT: To address past/potential future confusion, I am aware that Drop is currently selling the HD6XX for $195. That is the price I myself purchased them at. However, sales tax depending on the state will lead the final price to be more in the $205-215 range. For example, my total was...
  23. Drop x THX Panda wireless headphones

    Drop x THX Panda wireless headphones

  24. Asahi Templar

    FS-Massdrop Koss ESP 950/x Electrostatic System

    Up for your consideration is a koss esp 95/x Electrostatic System. I am the 2nd owner but I have only used them for a hour and a half. The previous owner had them for a little under a year and kept them in drawer when not in use. I don't think he used them much at all because they are near mint...
  25. jordannn15

    **SOLD**[WTS] Hifiman Edition XX [W] PayPal**SOLD**

    Like new condition Hifiman Edition XX with upgraded cable, takstar hard case that the headphones fit very nicely in, and dekoni nuggets attached. Nuggets can be taken off easily. Price is $450 shipped to the US. Not interested in trades. I will ship internationally but you will have to cover...