1. usf09

    DIYMod service?

    Hey,    So I just got a refurb 5G 60GB iPod with the intention of doing the DIYMod, but after looking at the logic board of my old 30GB, I realize there is no way I'll be able to solder those tiny components, and am looking for someone who offers the service (want to get it done in August or...
  2. ueyteuor

    modding the ultrasone hfi-700

    so i have received a like new hfi-700 today, and have already begun modifying itt..   first i opened the left headphone, and have discovered a pcb with a few diodes... this was a problem, so i took it out... next, i took the wire transferring to the right headphone, so i can recable them and...
  3. jscornerstone

    DETAILED Instructions for Soundstage Mod HD555 Headphones

    So I did the rubber mod but me being very bored one day and loving the way the soundstage mod looked, I decided to try it out myself. I looked EVERYWHERE and I mean that literally for detailed instructions on how to do this but all I found were very weak instructions and some pictures. So...
  4. Epicfailman

    Any AD700 mods out there?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knew of any AD700 mods floating around out there? They are pretty cheap, so I wanted to know if there are any mods I can do to improve the sound quality or something like that. This project is just for fun, so it doesn't have to be cost effective necessarily...
  5. jschristian44

    Re-cabling my HD-555 and adding a mini plug

    So I am getting a brand new pair of Sennheiser HD-555.  I want to recable them with Silver Teflon wire and add my Zalman mic in-line with that somehow.  I have the wiring auction that I need, but I need help finding the 1/8" miniplug for the end of the wire.  I also need a place to get the wire...
  6. bhirtz

    headphone "jack" break

    I think thats what the little stick you put in the socket is called right? the jack? recently the the very tip (you know how they are segmented in to three parts with those black lines) broke off somehow of my Grado sr80is. I'm wondering if that is something that can be repaired or, or if i can...
  7. Flicks

    Reattaching earpads Beyerdynamic dt 880

    So for a first post I have a silly problem. I've removed my earpads from a dt880, cleaned them, and now can't get them back on. They attach with a layer of material that slips over a plastic lip, much like a steering wheel cover, but I can't seem to stretch them right. The furthest on I've got a...
  8. jschristian44

    Dual Entry Mod for HD-555

    It seems like all my threads get lost in the mix.  Anyways, I plan to rewire and do a dual entry mod for my Sennheiser HD-555 Headphones.  I am pretty sure there is a small like 22 awg wire that runs through the headband to connect each cup.  I heard that if you run it dual entry it can sound...
  9. Xan7hos

    DIY Custom Ear Molds for around $15

    Did a search and didn't see anything posted. The guys over @ Make Projects created a custom molded earphone using Radian's custom mold plug, which is an epoxy kit designed to create custom earplugs that sells for around $15. I think I'm going to try this with my RE0     EDIT: Found an...
  10. petrini_bigsmart

    C Moy Problems:(

    Hi Guys, I have finished today my first CMoy. I was happy to see that its working! but I have a problem: its works just fine but just at a low level. When I turn more the potentiometer its starts to peak badly!! What should I look for? I have really no ideea from where its comes. I use a OPA...
  11. TLN

    HIFIdiy mini USB DAC vs. AUDINST HUD-MX1 DAC vs. others

    Hi guys! I gonna buy a dac to replace Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 with my laptop. I got an AKG k271S headphones. I've read lots of reviews but still need any advices to choose. I gonna use it only with headphones. So it should be DAC and amp. I got $200 max so i'm looking at $160-$180 price...
  12. Audiophilehi

    Do I Need a DAC With The OPPO BDP-83SE NuForce Edition

    Hi All, I am about the pull the trigger on the OPPO BDP-83SE NuForce Edition. I currently have a Singlepower MPX3-12SN7 headphone amp with Sennheiser 650 headphones. My question is do I need a separate DAC for better performance? If yes can you recommend one in the 1k range. Thanks
  13. morfologus

    Best DAC for ~150$

    Hi, I want to buy a best dac in 130-170$ price range. I don't need an optical or coaxial input because I want to use to pc. I prefer such dacs that has got usable headphone out. Thanks.
  14. Rchez08

    Cmoy amp first build few questions

    Hi , Firstly I am new to this forum, and new to electronics. I am 14 and want to build a cmoy, to improve the bass and sound of my Sony earbuds. I have an iPod touch to drive my headphones currently. First question: I am basing my cmoy on the tangentsoft one. I was going to use 470uf caps...
  15. Nightslayer

    DIY iPod LOD (or is it the amp?) questions

    I just DIYed an iPod LOD from instructions here ( and I've got a few questions to ask. Firstly, when I first plugged the LOD in, the right signal was intermittent, and only when I adjusted the position of my iPod did the sound right itself...
  16. sunneebear

    Tube headphone amp kit for $25!?

    Raytheon JAN6418 Valve (Tube) Preamplifier / Headphone Amp Kit I saw this awhile back but never had the guts to try. Well I finally pulled the trigger for two and the kits arrived yesterday. Well long story short, got it soldered up, set up two together for balance, burned in for 12 hrs. and...
  17. drewjp

    My first headphone amp (and upgrade) (with pics)!

    I cannot afford the Woo Audio of my dreams yet, so I picked up a used Creek OBH-11 off eBay. It did not sound very good with my K701s out of the box. So I figured this is as good a place as any to start scratching the DIY mod itch! I replaced the input caps with Hovland Musicaps, the output caps...
  18. MikeW

    For those who DIY MarkL Mod on D2000

    Hello, I recently did the DIY markl mod on my D2000, I followed the guide exactly. I think it ended up sounding to damped to me, to much bass was gone. Im experimenting now with doing all the mods except the strip on the back of the driver, I took that off today and it sounds much improved to...
  19. Katun

    Would you prefer a 'detachable' cable or a 'permanent' cable?

    Here is something I have been thinking about for a while, and have yet to come to a conclusion.   Generally speaking, would you prefer a detachable cable or a permanent cable for your headphone? An example:   1 - For the headphone(s) you own, if that model was available in both...
  20. duesentrieb

    Homemade headphone amp sounds great, but...need some advice

    Hi,   Need your support!   Intro: When trying out my new custom-mold UE adaptors (2nd pic), I found they sound different on various eqt. (Iriver 340-HD-Music-Player, Samsung NC10-Netbook, N95-Multimedia Phone). The reason is the output impedance of the above devices in combination...
  21. joay

    Is an Audiologist mold impression worth the money versus do-it-yourself?

    I originally was is the $200 price range for IEM's but decided customs sounded like the right thing for me so I'm going with the JH 5 Pro's. This puts me up at $400.   Is the do-it-yourself impression a no brainer or is it well worth the $100 or so to have an Audiologist do it?
  22. High_Q

    Should I built a PA2V2 if I have a CMOY?

    I currently have a CMOY that I have built, and I think it is a decent amp.  I've recently discovered the PA2V2.  Are they similar in terms of amplication? I have a Jlabs CMOY by the way.  Is there a PA2V2 kit I can find online just like the JLABs CMOY?