dita answer
  1. vrapan

    For sale Dita Answer, brand new Finder X1, CE6P and SD2 - lower prices

    Hi, Dita Answer as new with all accessories and original box. Really well rounded set of IEMS but culling my collection so something has to give. £200 + shipping (box is kinda large) Echobox Finders X1, brand new unopened box. £40 including shipping to the UK at cost anywhere else. This is the...
  2. demo-to

    SOLD **** MT100 (1 planar + 1BA) [Trade with Tansio Mirai, Toneking T4,...]

    SOLD Hello, I want to sell this IEM. From a non smoking and pet free environment. Asking for 90€ plus shipping plus 2,5% PayPal Would trade for: Toneking T4 Tansio Mirai TSMR-3/pro Grado GR10e Noble Savanna
  3. D

    SOLD: Dita Audio The Answer Platinum

    Two Years ago, I was at the CanJam Europe in Essen (Germany) and I checked out the DITA Audio „The Answer“. I was flashed by its wonderful build and brilliant Sound. A few months later I bought them in Germany but now i noticed, that i use them too less. So I decided to sell them and give...
  4. yabong2

    [SOLD] DITA Answer (Truth Ed.)

    Dita Answer Truth Edition in great condition. I may have used it for less than 100 hrs total after I purchased it. I've been keeping it hoping that I would use it again but I just do not have any use for it. It's in great condition. I've had many IEMs and headphones, but I consider this is...
  5. Dainity

    Dita Audio Answer SOLD

    Selling Dita Audio Answer new "Smokey Platinum" version with fat able. It is about two months old. Excellent condition. Boxed with all accessories. I will accept PayPal and will ship it anywhere via international airmail with tracking. Shipping and PP fee included. Feel free to ask any...