1. sheaz

    need some amp advice for the sony MDR-XB1000

    I have decided i am buying Sony MDR-XB1000 from Firstly do you think this guy is trusted? I really don't want to get them home and discover there fake. Also can anyone...
  2. JonIrenicus

    Looking for a good headphone amp for my dt770 (80ohm) for under 150(ish)

    I see a lot of headphone amp/dac combos, but I intend to use this mainly on my desktop and I already have a dedicated sound card The line out from that is supposed to be higher quality already, so wouldn't spending money on a dac...
  3. Reagan0mics

    New to Amplifiers, have many questions

    Okay so I'm completely new to amplifiers, I just learned about them today. So I have lots of questions. However first I'll give you some information about my current gear, and what exactly I'm looking for.   Gear: I have Sennheiser hd555 headphones. Ipod classic 80gb, I also use a computer...
  4. jamato8

    RSA * Dark Star * SE and balanced, dual chassis amp designed to drive most any HP . .

    I was wondering if anything was going on with Ray's "inventions" but figured he was just busy putting out amps. So I ventured over to his site today and now he has a new amp! For the hard to drive HE-6 and any other phone, this appears to provide the horse power to move phones to their max...
  5. DavidMahler

    A great Solid State amp?

    I'm brainstorming for far in the future. What is a great solid state dynamic amp to add to my collection. I've narrowed it to 5: Beta 22 Luxman P1U RSA Apache Meier Concerto Headroom Balanced Desktop Headamp GS-X Any suggestions ? Thanks:) And since I write this OP on Xmas eve I feel it...
  6. IMAWolf

    Styleaudio Carat-Ruby2 vs Audinst HUD MX1 opinions?

      hi, anyone have opinions on which of the above i should get, the ruby2 will set me back about $60 more than the Audinst, which is $190, will be buying a desktop amp so i'm more concerned about the DAC section, listen to a wide range of genres
  7. tim3320070


  8. fdhfdy

    Rudistor realeased a new flagship amp

    Priced at 4200$ shipped world wide (reduced from 4999$), looks promising. They also have rpp35,which is predecessor of rp33 if am correct.
  9. DjAmTraX

    Sound signature of Woo Audio?

    How would you describe the Woo Audio amp you own? Please include the model number and headphones used. I am seeking a fast, but sweet sound. Woo Audio and Cary Audio Xciter are on my short list.
  10. Locknar

    I'm Ready For Some Hot Tube Action!

     What's Happening All   Never mind the title, I just wanted to get peoples attention. I'm new to Head-Fi and a budding audiophile and feel a bit lost and scared in terms of where to start and at how expensive my new hobby seems to be, respectively. I'm intrigued with tube amps and have...