1. miloss

    closed headphones:denon or ...?

    Hi guys, I want to ask you for a help. I´m searching for a a closed headphones around 150€ for home listening without disturbing my girlfriend :D. I prefer various kind of rock and artrock. I could try and compare Denon HP 500 and HP 700. I like heights of HP500 and Basses of HP 700. Is there...
  2. Rawrmune

    Denon DN HP500 vs Allen & Heath Xone XD40

    I'm hoping to purchase headphones that are portable and will work well for DJing, looking to stay under $100. After doing a lot of research I'm eyeing the Denon DN HP500 and the Allen & Heath Xone XD40, which go for about $60 on Ebay. They look pretty similar in terms of build and so I was...
  3. Seidhepriest

    Denon DJ DN-HP500 Recable

    There have been lots of private messages about recabled Denon headphones, so here's a little guide to components and recabling. L-R: Denon DJ DN-HP500, Denon AH-P372W, AH-D1000. All headphones have a 1/8 Techflex jacket (expands to 1/4). DN-HP500 have a green/black mesh over Japanese...
  4. josem0892

    Denon DJ DN-HP500 or Sennheiser HD 219

    Hi, first sorry for my english, I'm from Panamá.   I'm new in this forum and I'm a music lover so I like to hear this with the best quality. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD 202 and they are so cool but I want another one and now with more bass and a little more portable so searching in the...
  5. smithy316

    New on-ear headphones ASAP

    I'm looking for on ear headphones.  One of the main things I'm looking for in headphones are the looks. (Don't excommunicate me please). I don't want giant plates on either side of my head, or dull black nondescript headphones.  I'm looking for long road trips mostly so comfort and minimal...
  6. ekko

    Buying new DJ headphones, need advice!

    So I decided to buy new headphones for music, and only for music (no video games or movies). I am looking forward to use them while mixing and playing music (doing some DJ stuff), and listen to music like I do casual on daily basis... My budget will be somewhere around 100e. And I found some...
  7. MaverickPL

    Upgrade to AKG K-518DJ ?

    Hello,   I was a happy AKG K-518DJ headphones owner untill I sold them to my friend. Now I want to buy myself some new headphones and I would like you do advice me something different.   Here are my criterias:   - excellent noice reduction (passive preferred) - good sound quality...
  8. smithy316

    Headphones like Denon DJ HP500SW

    What are some headphones like these? I had some a year or two ago and they were really comfortable and sounded good. About the perfect size and no sound leaked in or out. They cost ~$70 then and still do. Unfortunately i lost them and now I'm looking for a replacement ~$50. Any suggestions...
  9. C

    Audio Technica ATH-SJ55 vs Denon DN-HP 500 vs Allen & Heath Xone XD40 (are these all the same cans can anyone explain the differences?)

    Hi I was looking for a good portable solution for listening with my ipod, I have read "lJokers" portable shootout thread and various other portable headphone threads but I can not find substantial information on these 3 cans above.  I have a pair of AKG K518 at the moment which I use as my on...
  10. t-800

    Brainwavz M1 vs. Denon DN-HP500 vs. Grado sr60i

    So I need some new portable headphones. My price range is around $70. The big features I want are no leaking, sound good, and are portable. I listen to a wide range of music. Which one of these 3 should I get or is there something better? 
  11. chones

    Denon DN-HP500 DJ review

    Hi everyone,    After much trolling and debate on a set of new headphones, I decided to buy the Denon DN-HP500.  They retail for ~$70 on Amazon.  I agonized over which headphones to buy (the usual suspects for my price range: Audio Technica m50s, Shure SRH 750, Beyerdynamic DT 440)...
  12. MicroNik

    Recommend me some good headphones?

    Hi, you may know me as the guy who comes on the forums once each month, pokes around, asks about headphones knowing nothing about anything and then leaves, only to repeat.   Well here I go again, looking for headphones. But this time I know a bit more.   Im looking for some portable...
  13. stefuhno

    newbie! need help!

    hey guys, im sick and tired of using in ear headphones so im looking to get over the ear headphones. i mostly listen to electro/house music but also hip hop and rock so i want some headphones with some bump. heres an example of what i listen to i will...
  14. Seidhepriest

    Denon DJ DN-HP500

    First impressions... They smoke the AKG K-81DJ/K-518DJ in every way: comfort, clarity, soundstage depth, speed, efficiency, and dynamics. Build isn't as cheap as K-81. They're slightly larger than AH-P372, are supra-aural, and comfortable. Repeat: comfortable. They're more comfortable than...
  15. Denon DN-HP500 Professional DJ Headphones

    Denon DN-HP500 Professional DJ Headphones

    Introducing the DN-HP500 headphones from Denon DJ. These latest headphones, like the HP1000 and HP700 models, produce impeccably clean and vibrant audio while withstanding the high-volume demands of today's DJs; all in a stylish and affordable package. Frequency Response - 10...