1. boodi

    akg k 301 - k301extra - k401 different sounding cans .

    I heard these are different sounding cans . I only tried k100 , i found them very warm and deep in the bass section , lacking in mids and highs - very good cans for price . Does anyone tried these cans ? How about they're purpose - neutrality ? I just can buy 301 - 301extra - 401 for...
  2. Albert

    AKG K530

    Hello I'm interested in these headphones, although I'm unable to rank them. Are they supposed to be in between the K501 and the K601? Somehow I doubt it. Even if they were just a touch up of the K301 Xtra, they may be worth a look...
  3. TSi

    Need help Opening up a pair of K301s!

    Hey guys, I know quite a few of you have had experience with AKG headphones, I am just wondering if anyone knows how to open a pair of K301s up! Its cause I've been trying for the past 30 minutes and I have had no success =( I wanna open them up to see what I can do to them, recable /...
  4. bchockey9

    headphone choice help

    hey im really into getting over ear headphones and found 3 that i like alot but dont know what to get. here are the links, i hope you guys can look at them and help me pick the right one.    ...
  5. TAF94

    AKG K301 Xtra

    Does anyone have these AKG K301 Xtras? Are they anything like the reviewer on Amazon says they are?
  6. padam

    New lower-end Denon headphones (AH-D301, AH-D501, AH-D1100) announced
  7. Denon AHD301K On-Ear Headphone

    Denon AHD301K On-Ear Headphone

    Lightweight and comfortable, Denon's AHD-301K headphones provide the perfect combination of fidelity and versatility. Designed for multiple applications, the AHD-301K is an ideal on-the-go headphone that provides significantly improved sound quality compared to standard ear buds. At home, the...