1. NJ Hero

    Looking for headphones.

    I'm actually looking for headphones to buy. Price range is about from $100-$200. I'm not looking for headphones for any studio or anything, I'm just looking for good headphones to listen to music on my iPod from. My friend has Solos but I'm definitely sure that there are better headphones than...
  2. JoshNurse

    So many options I am so confused. Looking for headphones with good bass and over all great sound,

    At first I wanted these 2 options beyerdynamic DT 990 and  Headphone HE-400 but some people say they are open and people will hear all of my music. I want great sounding headphones but at least a little isolation. Now I am thinking of the Denon AH-D400 which people say have a bit more of...
  3. Arcaneex

    Need help finding the perfect one.

    No, ain't a dating thread. Anyway, I love music. I cannot do something without it. I had tons of in ear headphones,was alright but looking for more. Anywho, I'm listening to mainly electronic genres like Dubstep, Psytrance, Hardstyle and so on, I like bass I must say. In looking for over ear...
  4. T0tal n00b

    Denon AD-H 400 OR ANY Beats By Dr. Dre OR Sennheiser (600$ max)

    I've checked around alot for the best review on these headphones ... but none has satisfied me ..I am looking for very deep clean bass .. and very clean treble  .. It should have an inbuilt amp ....  ...I am looking for an Over the ear Headphone....  Which one's Should i buy ? 
  5. biggbenn74

    Denon AH-D400 Urban Raver Review and EL Wire Mod

    Hello Head-Fi! I am officially BACK! It's been about a year, I've been busy, but I've recently managed to find time to get back to one of my true passions, headphones. On to the review! * Note: I know these are not "new" headphones anymore, but I never got to express my feelings towards these...
  6. elegantlie

    Denon AH-D400 or Something Else?

    Hello,   I'm currently buying my second set of nicer headphones.  The last pair I bought was the Audio Technica ath-m50's, if that is a useful reference point.  I'm looking for something with more bass this time around, and was thinking about buying the AH-D400's.     Has anyone has...
  7. Viper2005

    Denon AH D400 Unboxing and Review Thread!

    I got my Denon D400's today in Hong Kong for the nice price of $2380 HKD which is about $300 US.  I actually wasn't intending to be buying a set of headphones today but when I auditioned and saw the price I couldn't resist!   Initial impressions are very good, the bass has a 'kick' to them...
  8. goropeza

    Differences between the Denon AH-D 5000 and Denon AH-D 7000

    I currently own a pair of AH-D 5000's and I must say that I am extremely happy with them. They are my first set of audiophile quality cans and I did a lot of research to predetermine if they would have the sound signature I liked. I immediately fell in love with the deep, booming bass along with...
  9. Craigster75

    New release mid-range circumaural showdown: V-Moda M-100, Polk Ultrafocus 8000, Denon AH-D400 and AH-D600

    All four of these headphones have solid early buzz (okay, not so much for the AH-D400, but it still looks interesting).  Any thoughts on these or alternatives that would be great for every genre of music with solid bass and work as well portably and at home?  I know the Polk is now out; the...
  10. M0rph3us

    Just got a pair of AH-D400s and I hate them need some suggestions for sub-$250 Open cans (Details inside)

    First things first. This is my first post here so sorry for any errors in my thread/title. I really like this forum, and have learned quite a bit just reading around so thanks for that. Please let me know if you need additional clarification on anything here.     Ok so here is the deal...
  11. Rewkie

    Denon AH-D400 vs V-Moda M100?

    I want the most brutal bass. I really like the Denons amp/controls but I like theV-Modas portability. So it all comes down to two things. The bass level. And the comfort. I have beats pros and I'm going to sell them for one of these headphones because they are EXTREMELY uncomfortable...
  12. manny27

    Beats Pro, Denon ah d400, or V Moda M100/lp2?

    Hey you guys I'm new to the site and headphones in general so please forgive my ignorance I'm trying to get better lol. Now I've only owned in ears so this over ear thing is all new to me. I think I've got it down to choosing between the Beats pro, Denon AH D400 or the V Moda m100 or LP2. I'm...
  13. myap2328

    Help Please! I need to buy a headphone. Guidance wld be much appreciated

    I am looking for a headphones that are bassy and yes i did visit the bass head club already and yes I have already read tons of forums on headfi, visited inner fidelity, read a gazillion reviews on many many numerous websites, but I really need an answer and please be helpful thanks! I have a...
  14. tino96

    Headphone advice

    Ok guys, I am looking to buy a new pair of headphones, but I need you to put me on the right way. Especially now.   My favorites were: Denon AHD600 and D400, AKG K550/K551, AKG K167 and K267, Vmoda M100, Sony MDR 1RNC, Sennheiser Momentum, and Ultrasone Pro 900.   I really need your...
  15. charlie875578

    Getting closer to picking new head phones...What do you think...

    After doing more research I've decided that having some portability is essential. I am in law school and spend hours upon hours on campus. I do have downtime and enjoy listening to my music while sitting outside or watching something on netflix, etc. So I think I need to find a compromise...
  16. charlie875578

    What can I expect out of the following headphones

    When feeding classic rock into these HP without an amp what can I expect. I need something that has some nice soundstage and I like at least some bass. But I also need something that, while maybe not fully portable, can be brought to campus with me during the day. Also, if I need to, I can run...
  17. dragonball

    List some headphones upto 500$ which dont require amp

    Closed cans required. Thanks.
  18. silversonic6500

    Headphones for EXTREME BASS

    Hey guys, I am retracing my steps a bit. Let's just say I'm a total nooblord, and all I want is EXTREME BASS. I want the most hard-hitting, punchy, and powerful bass that any pair of headphones or IEMs (either one) can close as it gets to a subwoofer
  19. sneaglebob

    Denon D400 Urban Raver?

    Does anyone have a review on this? where can I find it? I heard that this was part of the new line of denon headphones designed for large quantities of bass and quality and I wanted info about it.
  20. AudioGurl

    Can someone recommend a good laptop for listening to high quality audio?

    I will soon perchase the AH-D400 and the fiio e17 portable amp. I just want a laptop to use them with.
  21. BRSxIgnition

    New DENON "Music Maniac" & "Urban Raver" Lines: D7100, D600, D400 & C300 Impressions Thread

    As a part of DENON's new product line of headphones, the AH-D600's and AH-D7100's make up the two flagship models - called the 'Music Maniac' line.     *Denon AH-D7100 Left, AH-D600 Right.   ... And the AH-D400 and AH-C300 make up the mid-range models - called the "Urban Raver" line. The...
  22. Sowexly

    Looking for new cans

    I had to sell my Ultrasone 900 Pros because of college but I now have enough to buy them again, I was wondering if there is anything on the market with a similar signature. I can try to explain what I loved about them but I'm not sure I will word it right.   The low bass was detailed and...
  23. AudioGurl

    I am having a difficult time choosing between these two headphones.

    Denon AH-D400 or Hifiman HE-400   I mainly listen to electronic music with bass and vocals. It is so hard to make up my mind and I can only afford one pair at this time.     Thanks!         Which one would you choose?
  24. Primetime86

    Denon D400 and D401 anyone heard these

    any feedback? can get a pair very cheap
  25. ilikedonkeys39

    Whats the Ugliest Headphone EVER

    What do you think the ugliest headphones are? Post a pic or link to a pic   rules: must be over ear or on ear isnt a super old grampa headphone     ps ik this has been done before but not in 2012