1. Magicman74

    Denon-What happened?

    Anyone still rocking the AHD 1000's?  IMO the best "Budget can they ever made.  I guess with the new line up they are trying to snag the " Beats" Crowd?   AHD 1000's with AHD 2000 Cable shortened down to 4 ft!!
  2. drbluenewmexico

    BASSAWARE: A NEW BASS AUGMENTATION DEVICE FOR HEADPHONES that delivers true visceral response...

      BASS AWARE comes ALIVE!  photos from   Here on head-fiers (as we are affectionately known) are always interested in improving our sound quality through upgrades There is resurgence in headphone sales worldwide with many companies putting out new models and new...
  3. Goit

    Colored sound?

    I'm trying to decide between two headphones, one of them is more "colored". Can someone give me some examples of what a "colored" sound is? The Glossary was too brief.
  4. Golo

    Circumaural, not leaking much, durable, portable and no amp necessary for ~ USD 100,0 $?

    EDIT: I bought the SRH440. Thank you all for the help.   Hello guys,   First of all I have to say that I've been getting soaked in knowledge from you all the past days and I love this place :)   My name's Ivan, I'm Spanish but I'm living in Poland, and I could use some advise in my...
  5. seag33k

    CALs Break in Period

    Just picked up some CALs for work.  Do they require much of a break in period?   Thanks!
  6. jiggahwhat

    Listening Fatigue w/ Denon D2000

    So I had the Denon D2000 for a year and while it's a great headphone, it just isn't that great in everyday use. In particular I experience a lot of listening fatigue due to the sharp highs.   So I need a change. What I need from this headphone if I get it is less bright highs, perhaps a more...
  7. PaulieB

    Buying in Ireland

    Anyone know know a place in Dublin where i can buy a good quality set of cans such as Beyerdynamic DT770 or Denon AHD1000 or similar?
  8. PaulieB

    HD 205 Upgrade

    Hi All,   I know there is a lot of threads like this but I have been reading for days now and I cannot decide on the right set of headphones for me ao I said I ask myself directly.   I am looking for suggestions for an upgrade to my Sennheiser HD205 headphones.   I am in no way an...
  9. rafi

    suggest me a headphone under $120

    hello ! need suggestion from you guys in buying a budget is $100.maximum 120,not more than that.suggest me the best possible headphone having the best bass, sound stage and imaging at this price main objective is movie and gaming thanks
  10. vabes

    Audio-Technica M50S vs Philips Uptown

    Hey,   So I'm kind of battling between these two, I don't know which one to pick. I need a portable and comfy pair of headphones with a good sound quality, I know there has been some talk between these two pairs, but noone has really given a clear answer.. atleast I haven't found any...
  11. squirrelboy1210

    need for warm headphones

    k after extending my collection a bit, i have to say i am totally not cool with bright headphones, especially since they hurt your ears at higher volumes. what i'm looking for are warm, full sized, closed headphones, with clear (but not too bright) treble and punchy bass. any suggestions?
  12. OliverBB

    Bose AE2 vs Creative Aurvana Live!

    Hi everyone ,  Total newbie here of course.   Anyways-Recently after much research and thought, I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to purchase a pair of Bose AE 2 headphones. My reasoning was that I know that they aren't considered the best headphone for the money but they...
  13. Chu

    Denon Lawton (markl) mod -- Looking for a postmortem, plus some other questions about the Denon AH-DX000 series

    Every once in a while I get the itch to try some new gear and end up back here at Head-fi.  The last time I left The Denon AH-DX000 series was considered some of the best closed headphones on the market, and then markl started raving about the mods he did to his D5000's and these cans shot up...
  14. roma101

    Headphones that sound like my beloved Panasonic HJE900

    So I've been doing non-stop searching to some avail, but definitely not enough input, especially with something so specific. I've done some asking around and have put off starting this thread. But alas... I enjoy my HJEs more than any of my cans so far and this is really important to me as I...
  15. Bigfugu

    DT880's (250 ohms) with a Xonar Essence STX ?

    Hi, I've just bought some AD1000's and an  Asus Xonar Essence STX . The problem being i wanted the DT880's (250ohms) but was told that the Xonar would not be able to drive them . I've been searching forum's and have found conflicting reports ? So can someone please help me out with a more...
  16. gacyde

    [ASK] [NEWBIE] Denon ah-d1000 + shure srh-440 + ultrasone hfi-580 COMPARED to akgk518dj (owned)

    I need you guys answer my question and give recommendation for me I am gonna upgrade to one of this denon ah-d1000 / shure srh-440 / ultrasone hfi-580     1) What the differences between them compared to mine akg518dj (bass/mid/treble)? 2) Give one recommendation based on this: 50%...
  17. Fungi

    Creative Aurvana Live! for $70

    Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones - 51EF0060AA002 - I have these and I can safely say that for $70, this is a good buy. Well rounded, a little bit on the bassy side, fairly isolating, but not extremely portable. Kind of like the Triport AE in form/function, but it actually sounds good.
  18. punks15

    denon C700 / C751 question

    hello i'm planning to buy c751, i wonder if it sounds similar to d1000 / d1001 / CAL ? and i wonder will it scales up nicely if amped? thanks!
  19. touchmypenguin

    Denon D2000

    Yey i just bought the Denon D2000s...i already have the D1000s so i'm upgrading with the intent of selling the latter. Couldn't warrant paying the extra for the D5000 for some sexy wooden cups and better treble, maybe ill upgrade to those or the D7000 later in life, though i've been considering...
  20. mouba3

    Need Help & suggestion on HipHop/Rap Cans below or around 130$ ... thanks

    that's my second post I was looking to pick sennheiser HD428/438/448 one of them but it seem that i can get better, I’m looking for a headphone that have a accurate deep base that don't overpower the clarity also good in blocking outside sound, my first headphone was the skullcandy nba hesh i'm...
  21. Bostonears

    Markl-type Mods on Denon AH-D1001 (&D1000)

    After breaking in my new Denon AH-D1001 for about 200 hours, I was reasonably pleased with the sound of these sub-$100 cans, but the prodigious bass from these little suckers was definitely loose and not well controlled. So, I decided to try to tame it with a few of the mods that Head-Fi guy...
  22. Max Power

    Anything else that offers the comfort level of the Bose AE2?

      Yes, I know Bose is considered a joke among audiophiles, but I really love the comfort of these things. Bose is one of the few brands you can actually try on in a store somewhere which is a big advantage IMO. I previously bought the Denon D1000 based on recommendations from this board, but I...
  23. pudim

    Something different

    Hey, everyone,   It was near the end of 2009 that, after some search and with the help of some people here, I got my first pair of decent headphones - Alessandro's MS1i. I liked them and I still do; they're great, especially for funk, groovy stuff and rock.   I am now thinking about...
  24. Seidhepriest

    Denon AH-D501

    So far the impression in one word... "Meh". They may need time to burn-in, but so far they sound quite shallow. None of the excitement and power of the AH-D1000. Efficiency is 103 dB (probably /1 mW), so they're somewhat quiet straight out of the soundcard at maximum loudness. Nominal...
  25. Nepenthe

    Headphones with a natural "sideways D shaped" frequency response?

    Long time, no post. These days, I mostly listen to Bose QC2s at work ( ) and Denon D1000s or Senn HD497s at home, so my audiophile days are behind me for the moment. I do have a Cute Beyond headphone amp and quite a bit of my home...