1. MeltedWelly

    Looking for In Ear Headphone advice / Suggestions

    Hi guys as per title I'm looking for in-ear headphones to wear at the gym they will be partnered with a Sony NWZ-805 walkman.   I'm looking to spend around 100 - 200 pounds (couple of hundred dollars ish) and want sparkling highs, a punchy bass and a decent mid-range.   My last set of...
  2. Polar1

    Denon AH-C751 VS Yamaha EPH100

    I'm looking for a pair of cable down IEM's in order to use with FiiO X3 and I am between Denon AH-C751 and Yamaha EPH100. The Denons have wider Frequency Range (12Hz - 24kHz) than the Yamahas (20 Hz – 20 kHz) and are about 60 euros more expensive, but I'm not sure if their higher price is...
  3. MrFaust

    Compare Denon AH-C700 or AH-C751 to Grado IEMs

    If you have experience with either of the Denons and the Grados, please let me know how they compare. I use to own a pair of Denon AH-C700's and I loved them. Unfortunately they broke a couple years ago and I am having no luck finding a replacement pair. At least not for a decent price.They...
  4. hilby

    Need help choosing a new IEM around the £50 mark

    Hello, this is my first post on these forums and they seem like the best place to ask this question I was just wondering what is the best bass oriented IEM I can get for around £50? I'll go through what I have purchased in the past and also personal choices for new IEMs   V-moda Bass Freq  ...
  5. Ardothewan

    Any suggestion $200-300 range, listen mostly to EDM/pop, IEMs

    Hey guys was looking for some suggestions as into what brands to look into. I'm budgeting $200-300 for some IEM's. I listen mostly to EDM (trance/house mostly) and pop but my music library is filled with everything from classic rock, classical music, hip hop etc. Looking for something with clean...
  6. jones23

    Upgrade from Denon AH-C751 to Sony XBA 2 ?

    Hi, I'm looking to possibly upgrade my Denon AH-C751. I got them a few years back for 50€ at a discount. They are still fine, but I came across an offer for the Sony XBA 2 for ~55€. Would that be an upgrade worthwhile ? Unfortunately i won't be able to test them. The reviews I read here are...
  7. Ninetou

    Confused about the upgrade of Denon AH-C751

    My Denons AH-C751 were going strong for 4.5 years (mostly because of their thick metal housing and stiff & short cable, which required an extension). I didn't like them too much for the first 2 years but, then I decided to experiment with tips one more time and oh boy, I felt madly in love with...
  8. Mooses9

    Denon AH-C751 good for DNB,Rap,Techno and the like?

    i just purchased a pair of denon AH-c751 for 50.00 off ebay, and was curious as to weather or not they would be pretty good for DNB,rap,Techno and other sorts of bass style music, i read of of review thats they have great bass response although others say it could get overwhelming at times.  ive...
  9. meridius

    Replacing Denon C751 with ? Anyone help i have a couple of ideas

    Hi all I own a pair of denon c751 and want to upgrade but want somthing that will blow these sets away as i want a good upgrade.   I want somthing IE and cuts out background noise, I was looking at the Westone UM3X or Westone UM2 but i dont know which is better over my current headset.   Can...
  10. MoonAudio

    Special Denon AH-C751K Headphones Special Price $170.00 Plus Free Shipping in the U.S.

        Denon AH-C751K Regular Price $200.00 SPECIAL PRICE $170.00 Free Shipping in the U.S. Only   The AH-C751K reference series headphones are sound isolating canal-type inner ear headphones which will reduce ambient noise allowing you to enjoy more of the music than ever before...
  11. Heni

    Having trouble choosing, need an upgrade

    Well I am looking to upgrade from a pair of Denons ah c751. They were my first and only foray into earphones and I loved them. Now that they are no longer made I feel like I am ready to start moving up in the audiophile world. I am mainly a basshead, but I listen to everything mostly eighties...
  12. Amar1990

    Budget IEM Recommendation?

    Hey all, my girlfriend has recently asked me to help her pick a new pair of headphones for use with her iPod nano. In the past, she has had nothing but the stock Apple Earbuds, which obviously leave much to be desired. She's finally let me convince her to use something better.  *EDIT* I...
  13. meridius

    Upgrading from a pair of denon C-751 to what ? Help

    hi all I have owned a pair of denon in ear C-751 for 2 years and find it's time for a upgrade. I don't want in ear headsets but full sized noise cancelation headsets. I want something much better than these demons I own now as I want upgrade in sound and as I use public transport a lot I want...
  14. Eargasmo

    Best Pairing of Headphones to Song in your collection

    List the best pairing of headphones to song/album.   When you want to show off how great your headphones are, what song do you play for your friends?  Please do NOT list genres...too nebulous.  want specifics.     I'll start:   K550: Rush - Tom Sawyer Annie Lennox - Little...
  15. punks15

    denon C700 / C751 question

    hello i'm planning to buy c751, i wonder if it sounds similar to d1000 / d1001 / CAL ? and i wonder will it scales up nicely if amped? thanks!
  16. Isyace

    Denon D1100 EQ Settings

    Hey, I just received my Denon D1100 and Denon C751 and a Cowon C2.  I was wondering what the best EQ settings are with a 10 band and 15 band eq. Cheers, George
  17. Isyace

    Denon D1100 and Denon C751 w/ Cowon C2

    Hey, I was wondering if anybody had a good 5 slider eq setting for my denon d1100 and denon c751 with my cowon c2. Cheers
  18. LooptroopRocker

    Are these Denon's on eBay fake? Dirt cheap.

    Dear Head-fiers,   I found this deal on eBay which has too good to be true written all over it, however I might be wrong considering this particular model has not been in production for a while, why would they bother with fakes of an old model? Besides, I have heard of fake Sennheisers...
  19. stavs16

    Torn between what to buy

    I'm looking to purchase a decent set of IEM's, around the 100 dollar price range, maybe 115 tops. I cant decide what to buy between the SHURE SE215, ULTIMATE EARS 500,V-MODA Vibes, and the klipsch S4. These are the only ones that I have looked at so far, and I cant decide what to buy. I am a big...
  20. SteelRattus

    Help! Suggestions Please :-)

    Hi folks,   I'm looking for some IEMs in the £100 range.   I already have a pair of Etymotic ER-4P's, but find them a little lacking in bass, and I cannot wear them while flying or in bed due to the protrusion from the ear.   I had a (now missing) pair of Denon CH-751's, mostly...
  21. ted7ted

    Need to buy: SONY MDR-nc020

    I've been searching hi and low to purchase the o.e.m. ear phones that came with my sony nwz-x1061.   My Denon AH-751 which was somewhat comparable to these sony OEM ear phone...although Denon had a slightly better higher frequency sound but that too is also broke. I don't want to spend $200...
  22. jacobj9

    Better bass headphones?

     I have a pair of Sony XB500s I like the base, but I dont like how you have to turn it up all the way to get that thump, so I looked on and I found the skullcrushers(my brother has some and their very good with producing vibrating head crushing sound) xb700, and ATH-M50, which one should I get...
  23. ChroniCali

    Sennheiser IE7 Appreciation Thread ~~~

    Who else loves their IE7? I sure do! Soundstage is amazing and they are pretty forgiving on bad recordings... which I unfortunately have a lot of. The bass is very present yet very punchy, but I do still need to EQ up the bass and treble. The warm sound signature makes me happy, I am starting...
  24. quintron

    Need help with choosing my new IEM (sennheiser IE8, Denon AH-C751, Monster Turbine PRO Gold)

    Hi, I have decided to buy a new IEM to complement my Ety ER4p for my portable rig. My  PMP are Cowon J3 and D2. I have a Meier Corda portable amplifier but usually I don't use it very much. So usually iems will  be directly driven by the players. I really like ER4P but would like to have...
  25. jwbrent

    Nuforce Icon Mobile: Early impressions

    Surprisingly, I received my Icon Mobile today after ordering it yesterday since it was shipped FedEx Saturday delivery. Nicely done. The IM itself is made from plastic with the top silver side in a satiny brushed aluminum. The bottom and sides are flat black and have a rubberish texture. The...