1. Nick Dangerous

    Calling all Decware CSP & Taboo owners... sign up to roll the Team Decware Six Pack!

    Fellow CSP and Taboo owners... here's the deal: Jazzerdave and I own a LOT of rectifier tubes and would like to share the wealth. Here's what I propose: I'll box up a collection of rectifier tubes and designate it as the official "Team Decware Six Pack" (TDSP). Here are the conditions...
  2. sinae

    Best low cost tube headphone amp perfect for T1 (low cost alternative to CSP-2)

    Should i go with Lyr, Vahalla, Soha II, Jade audio, mung fa... What are your choice and why?   Would a total SS discrete headphone amp be interesting like   Of course one day ill step up to csp-2 but for now I'm looking for...
  3. 188479

    Decware CSP2+/Taboo Question

    Hi All:   Anybody ever listen to a set of Grado phones with this combo?  I know it will drive the T1's and LCD2's would it do with a set of RS1's?
  4. Androktasiai

    Questions about Decware CSP2+

    Ok.   So I am thinking about purchasingn a Decware CSP2+, but I have questions.   I am an engineer, but not of the electrical sort and am very confused.   Decware lists the CSP2+ on their website as being a Triode Headphone OTL (Output Transformerless) Amplifier.   My question is...
  5. azynneo

    Dac recommendation for CSP2+ and T1 / HD800 combo?

    As listed above, since the CSP2+ is a transparent amp, would it be best to match it with a dac like the anedio?   Budget = 1400-1500$ [Computer Audio]   A few dacs thinking of.. WDS-1, W4S, Anedio, any others?
  6. Who?

    New DAC for Decware CSP2+ amp?

    Hello there!   I am in need of a new DAC. Right now I am using the Decware CSP2+ amp with the Beyer Dynamic DT990's. Very pleased with the sound but I would like to upgrade my dac. Maximun I would like to spend is around 800 usd.   Could you guys recommend me a nice dac for my combo...
  7. alwaysec

    amp for T1 and HD650

    sorry new here. if i do something wrong, pls let me know :P   i own T1 and HD650, am looking for an amp and dac which will match both pretty well.    currently, i have a tiny and lovely Fiio E17. it is mainly for my iems, but does help a lot to power hd650.    i asked the same...
  8. FOXY

    Amplifier for Beyerdynamics DT880

    Recently I purchased DT880 Headphones 250 Ohm versions,   I tried with them CI AUDIO VHP•1 amplifier, the soundstage was very impressive. But the result was bright and sharp.   Which amplifiers do you recommend to use with these headphones?
  9. Archerious

    Decware CSP2+ vs WA2/WA3 vs Bottlehead Crack OTL w/ Speedball for Beyer T1

    As the title says, which will have more synergy and sound better for Jazz and electronica with some J pop and classical rock. I'll be using a Audio-gd NFB-10ES2 DAC, if that matters :D. Thanks, Thomas
  10. novasound

    Little dot MK6+

    Hello, I create that thread because I need some help. I bought a beyerdynamic T1, but the headamp choose is very confused. I wanted to take the Woo audio WA2 or Decware CSP2+, because these headamps sounds to make a nice combo with the T1. but I live in france, so buy a new WA2 or CSP2...
  11. zakazak

    Please rate my future setup

    I plan to upgrade (well I wonder if you call it upgrade as the only thing I have right now are Sennheiser HD555) my audio system: Laptop (Malibal/Clevo P170HM) ODAC (or would you recommend something else?) Little Dot MK III Sennheiser HD600 Thanks to  filus for helping me with choosing...
  12. topperdoggle

    Do I even need a headphone amp (Tesla T1 / Yamaha home cinema amp)

    This is kind of a follow up to my thread at   I am the proud owner of some T1s, and I was amazed that people in the thread ^^ suggested plugging them into my receiver output.  From what...
  13. tink97

    Decware Appreciation Thread (MT review up on first page 2-10-12)

    Hey everyone I checked and couldn't find a dedicated thread for an appreciation of the Decware amps so I thought I would make one.  Would love to hear from all of you guys who own these amps, as it may help others who have a hard time finding out stuff about them and how good they are with...
  14. caromire


    Hello. Decware CSP2 and AKG K-701 are a good combination? Any recomendation? Thanks.
  15. Connnorrr

    Tube Amp and 600Ohm Beyer Help

    Looking for advice on where to start with a tube amp for my DT990 600Ω. I've tried reading up and I suppose I just can't find exactly what I'm looking for information wise to make the decision on my own, so any help would be appreciated greatly.   Things I've read up on a bit and hope for...
  16. furyagain

    Need some input from some experienced head-fier, is LD MK IV se that bad for T1, HD800 ???

    In the last one month, I lost my mind, I have got myself a T1, also a HD800. But I have a doubt now, as I only have a beginner amp LD MKIVse, and LD MKVII+ Because of some reason, i can,t change my amps.( basically , i don't want my wife to know , I spent that much money on stuff,,, this...
  17. dogbait

    DT770Pro/80 - Headphone amp $500 approx. budget

    Had my pair of DT770/80 headphones a few years now. A real step up from the cheapo headphones I'm used to but I'm listening to it without an amp...finally got the budget to get one and overwhelmed by the range of choices from the Crack OTL to Woo Audio's WA3 and WA6. Portability isn't essential...
  18. qqbingbing

    The best Headphone Amp under 1000usd

    I am looking to get an amp soon, budget is 1000usd and not sure which one to go for. Currently have the RS1 and CD3000 but may get the T1 or HD800. I dont need the amp with DAC as I will get the DAC on its own. Mainly listen to Pop and classics, hope you guys could help me out.
  19. J

    Woo 3 or CSP2+

    Good Afternoon,   I need help for my first tube amp...       Highs:            Smooth and Silky. Nothing bright, please.     Mids:                  Smooth. Lush. Ripe. Mellow.     Bass:             Textured and Controlled.     Soundstage:   Prefer something with...
  20. Eronel

    Decware csp2 vs. Woo Audio 6

    Hello all,   I've freed up some change in my budget and am looking invest in another tube headphone amp I currently have the csp2+ with input voltage controls and a benchmark dac-1 pre and am equally in love with both. My cans are K701 and i have both the HD650 and DT990/600 on their way to...
  21. Frank I

    Review Decware Taboo. An Amazing Achievment

      In 1996 a maverick audio designer entered the high end scene and designed his first low powered SET amplifier. Steve Deckert formed Decware with the intention to offer the public direct a no nonsense high quality and reasonably price amplifier. After spending a month with the Taboo I would...
  22. Frank I


    The Taboo showed up yesterday. I only spent some very little time late last night listening to the LCD2 in the custom made jacks and sound is more open very extended and classical full range does not clip. The amp will have to be burned in before I can give detailed review and impressions but...
  23. Eronel

    Tubes failing in decware csp2+, Help!!

    Hello All,   So ive just returned home after  2+ week vacation to find my csp2 with an audible hum through my hd 800s, ive already ordered a new set of tubes for it it, but untill they get here im sort of in a fix. My Zen TABOO has a 12ax7(not sure, could be 12au7 or 12at7) out front and i...
  24. styler

    anyone compared the decwarwe zen csp2+ to the bottlehead crack

    interested in how the decwarwe zen csp2+ compares to a bottlehead crack with speedball using senn HD650s... any input?
  25. pataburd

    Amping the Audeze LCD

    Just wondering which amps out there are working best with the LCD-2.  I have the hybrid Fitz-Max Bada PH-12, into which I've sunk lots of upgrade/mod money, and which I hope can drive the Audeze satisfactorily.    In general, the Bada does better with higher impedance headphones.  My 40 ohm...