1. Sraitsa

    WTB> Audio Tailor Jade / Darvoice 337 / Woo Audio WA3 [Australia]

    Looking for in order of preference either: Audiotailor Jade, Darkvoice 337 or Woo Audio WA3. The amplifier must be compatible to be plugged into an Australian wall socket. Please feel free to PM me the price and any upgrades or changes that have been made. May be interested in other amps that...
  2. [No title]

    [No title]

  3. daddypud

    darkvoice 337 help

    does anyone know  who in USA can do repair work modifications on darkvoice 337 mine is doing crazy stuff
  4. Ultrainferno

    WTB: Darkvoice 337 or Lafigaro 339 (220V)

    Hi   I'm looking for one of these amps. Please contact me if you have one for sale (220V europe)   thanks in advance.  
  5. mlarn

    Darkvoice 337 (with very nice tubes)

    Selling my Darkvoice 337 amp. Bought this used here in the forums 1 year ago from Skylab and have used it semi-regularly since. Family and work have prevented me from giving this amp the attention it deserves the past several months, and with the summer coming I don't see that changing.  ...
  6. Kremer930

    Darkvoice 337 Tube Headphone Amp with Tung Sol 5998 and RCA 6SJ7GT tubes

    This has taken me ages to decide on because I really love the Darkvoice amp.  It has a wonderful airy and detailed nature but just doesnt get used enough to warrant me keeping it. I bought the amp new in September 2010.  It is the 240 volt model and comes with twin power 3 pin power cords.   ...
  7. rocknrolldoctor

    Darkvoice 337 Extra Tubes and Silver Wire Interconnect

    Darkvoice 337 Dual mono design – 2 power cords, 2 volume controls Blow your ear drums out power, strong enough to run  small desktop speakers..     VIEW MORE IMAGES HERE http://wizkidz.home.comcast.net/darkvoice2/   Link to SkyLabs Darkvoice Review in wich it came in 2nd out of...
  8. TsukiNick

    Did you spend more money on your headphones or your source

    I'm  a little curious as to what head-fiers find more important.   Alright let's put it like this:   More on headphones = Your most expensive pair of headphones   More on source = Your most expensive DAC combo   So if you own 10 pairs of 100 dollar headphones, but have a 300 dollar DAC +...
  9. jtaylor991

    Darkvoice 337 Mods

    I have a Darkvoice 337 and the dual volume knobs are pretty annoying. Anyone know any mods such as installing stepped attenuators?
  10. jtaylor991

    SOLD - Darkvoice 337 with many extra tubes and other stuff $550 OBO

    Includes lots of tubes and also two aftermarket power cords (Iron Lung Jellyfish:  http://www.2baudio.com/)(one for each side)($58 USD value).  I have barely used this amp since I bought it, 25hrs turned on and running at most, but that is in addition to whatever use it had from it's owners...
  11. jtaylor991

    Darkvoice 337 as speaker preamp?

    I have a Darkvoice 337 for sale that I'm not using, and I just thought of using it as a preamp for my stereo, since it has preamp outputs. My setup is a JVC R-X500 1980s computer controlled stereo receiver, and a set of Polk Audio Monitor 10s.   I just read a thread on this and trouble with...
  12. setamp

    DarkVoice 337 with 5998 and Tung Sol Mesh Plate 6SJ7GT Rare Tubes

    PENDING    I am selling my DarkVoice 337 and will include in this purchase a pair of 5998's and Tung Sol mesh plate 6SJ7GT tubes.  These tubes are increasingly hard to find but I will include them with the sale of my amp.  I am the second owner of the amp.  The original owner purchased the...
  13. hifimanrookie

    darkvoice 337 / SOLD to a lucky fellow headfi'er!!!!!!!

    For sale because of the purchase of my 'endgame' amp,immaculate, AS NEW, Darkvoice 337,a superb sounding headphone tube-amp for ur headphone Its pampered like a baby.bought in okt.2012.am second owner.its last reversion. and upgraded by a tube specialist by the previous owner.it sounds awesome...
  14. fmlfml

    Darkvoice 337 w/ TungSol Tube

    For sale is a Darkvocie 337 Amp, Comes with 2x 5998 & 2x 6SJ7 TungSol upgrade tube,  I cost around $200 on this.     Buyer pays paypal fee & shipping cost around $50 - $80 to US/Canada. Please give me your zip code and I will check that up!
  15. jeff.deitchman

    Darkvoice 337

    These are going for about $500 on the auction sites, so I reckon this is a good price, especially since it has upgraded tubes: Philips 6sj7 and Svetlana outputs.  In dandy shape; perfect functionally.  I got it from the original owner, and I've had it only a day or so.  I like it, but it doesn't...
  16. JoeWP

    Thinking of getting a chinese tube amp, what do I do w/ me darkvoice 337?

    Hey All,   So I'm thinking of getting a yaqin integrated amp or something similar.  I'm wondering what to do, or how to use my Darkvoice 337 as I see that most of these do not have a line out?  I mainly listen to my turntable, so I'm wondering if I can use the DV as a turntable preamp?  I...
  17. hifimanrookie

    Blue Circle Audio "PaG" Custom Headphone Amp - first impressions/ new pics!

    as most of u guys know i am not ur regular guy here on headfi..thats why i also bought a not so regular rig..some will say i am nuts to spend what i spend on this..but as i always say...as long this rig makes me happy..its worth every dollar i spend on it...soooo now onto the first impressions...
  18. kramer5150

    $500 Amp Search... Audiotailor Jade, Darkvoice 337, La Figaro 332C -OR SOLID STATE????

    I am looking to make an amp upgrade for my various low impedance (current hungry) cans. The unfortunate truth of it all is that most OTL circuits just can't do anything below ~200 ohms.   Hours upon hours scouring through all the Skylab reviews and impressions have led me to these 3, and I...
  19. pataburd

    (Proposed) Darkvoice 337 Dedicated Tube-rolling Thread

    If this thread already exists elsewhere, please point me in the proper direction (and I'll close this one). Otherwise, I thought it might be worthwhile to consolidate tube-rolling related discussion(s) on one, dedicated thread. : ) The 337 arrived for me just yesterday, having been shipped...
  20. Duper

    Head gear(headphones, amp, dac) for 1500-1600$

    Hello, I am newbie at hi-fi world. Now i have Sennheiser HD 555 and its borring for me. I am ready to change for something new, I listen music at home and i need open headphones. For new head gear( Headphones, Amp, Dac) i can spend 1500-1600$ Max. Usually i listening Pop (90-2012years), Rock, I...
  21. schaaf

    OTL vs SET Amp for HD650

    I just picked up some HD650's from Amazon and need an amp.   I know there are like six hundred and fifty billion threads about the HD650 and amps on here, and I think I've done a lot of digging and reading, but I keep getting confused about some things.   I'm looking to stay at or around...
  22. Archerious

    Best amp for $500 and below?

    old thread
  23. K

    DAC to pair with Darkvoice 3322

    I purchased a Darkvoice 3322 paired with my upgraded Zero dac and HD650 phones a while back and have been listening to my system with great enjoyment. Now, "upgratis" has set in. After looking through the forums, I see amp/dac pairing is very important rather than the quality of the individual...
  24. Godkin


    In some ways, it has never been easier to buy a headphone amp: unlike years ago, there is no shortage of them on the market, with a bewildering number of different brands and designs available. This “bewildering number,” however, turns the choice of which new amp to buy into a difficult and time...
  25. dyl1dyl

    Need Advice on an Amp below $1000

    I'm looking for a good tube amp below $1000 and dont mind both balanced and single ended. Rather not get anything from woo audio though. Currently have a burson 160d. Will intend to use the amp with the Audeze LCD 2s, Hifima He5-le and Akg k701s. Am currently considering the Littledot mk6+ and...