1. Mazuki

    New Darkvoice website with product pictures

    Here's the link to the English page. The company behind the Darkvoice line of headamps, Orphean Sound Lab in Chengdu, China, has been working on a new website. Looks pretty nice. Fittingly, the website's background is black. Here's a post on their forum with some new pictures of upcoming...
  2. Callous

    Darkvoice 332 driving HD800? B22?

    Thinking of upgrading to an HD800 soon, does anyone have any experience driving them with a Darkvoice? Might just upgrade to a B22... what are some thoughts regarding this? Thanks!
  3. Callous

    IC: Darkvoice 332 with upgraded tubes

    Hello!   I haven't posted on Head-Fi for quite a while, but I have a Darkvoice 332, purchased new in 2010 by myself. Has probably 500 hours on it. I'd conservatively put it at 9/10 on the Audiogon scale.   Upgraded tubes include:   Mullard EF95 (x2) Svetlana 6S19P-VCB (x2)  ...
  4. TDL-speakers

    Darkvoice 332 Valve Headphone amp.

    Looking for a Darkvoice 332. It must be in very good condition and working well. I fancy trying this with my Senn HD600 Cans.                                   NB: I live in the UK.          
  5. cws5

    Darkvoice 332 (220 volt: UK, Nordic countries, etc.)

    Darkvoice 332. 220 volts (UK, Nordic countries, etc.). In excellent condition. Includes the tubes head-fiers agree are the best available for this amp.   Power/output: Svetlana 6c19n-b, Ulyanov 6c19n, Ulyanov 6c19n-b. Driver/preamp: CV4010, Ericsson 403B.   With original and...
  6. dty

    FS: Darkvoice 332 and tubes

    Up for sale is my Darkvoice 332 tube amp. I bought most of the tubes in NOS condition. About 5 of the tubes have slightly bent prongs sticking out of them, I didnt bother to bend them back into place, but Im sure it can be done with a pair of tweezers.  Theres 2 small nicks on the top of the amp...
  7. boterletter

    darkvoice 332 tube questions

    Hi everyone,   I'm fairly new to tube amps and I hope someone can help me out. I purchased a DV 332 together with some extra tubes to complement my senn hd650. I removed the stock tubes and I'm currently listening with Western Electric WE 403a  and Russian Audiophile 6s19p-v. tubes. Now I...
  8. That dude

    WTS: Darkvoice 332 + Tubes (Firesale, please offer)

      Looks the same except the dampers are now copper colour instead of black. Spray paint can fix that if you're that anal about looks.   Looks ok, just some minor scratches and paint fading on the copper dampers. Selling cause moving away from headphones. Stock tubes, SVETLANA 6S19Ps and LM...
  9. xaro

    Darkvoice 332 No sound

    This morning I turned on my headphone amp and noticed I wasn’t getting any sound. After checking out everything I noticed a a familiar electronic burning smell and saw that one of the longer tubes in the middle had a black hue to it. After taking off the bottom panel I saw that the base where...
  10. Callous

    HD800s w/ Darkvoice 332?

    Anyone have any experience with this pairing? I'm running HD580s w/ Keces 151 DAC & Darkvoice 332, and am looking to upgrade to the HD800s. Will this combo hold me over for a while before I get the funds to upgrade my amp & source? Thinking of Beta 22 in about a year. Thanks!
  11. Kajun

    La Figaro 332

    What are the black metal things that are covering my tubes on the amp? Just got the amp out of the box and wondered...Cause in pics I see people always have the tubes shown proudly..   Probably a dumb question but want to know if they should stay or remove them...maybe they are there for...
  12. Xtaze

    Help!! Budget rig!!

    Not sure if its the right section sorry in advance if not :) Hi all, All this adventure started with buying headphone for my iPhone and Will finally cost me an arm and a leg. My girlfriend dont like that i burn So much money For my sole person.... So my portable/desktop hybrid rig Need to...
  13. schaaf

    OTL vs SET Amp for HD650

    I just picked up some HD650's from Amazon and need an amp.   I know there are like six hundred and fifty billion threads about the HD650 and amps on here, and I think I've done a lot of digging and reading, but I keep getting confused about some things.   I'm looking to stay at or around...
  14. juswyq

    Amp for 325i?

    Hey, i was wondering what type of amp would work for the 325i. Someone's selling it cheap second hand and i was wondering if either my Darkvoice 337 or ZERO would work well with it. Any recommendations? Tried to search but couldn't find anything relevant. Thanks in advance.
  15. keph

    Darkvoice/La Figaro 336c or the 332c, 332s

    hi guys im planning to buy a new headamp for my sennheiser hd650 which one will be better for my hd650..?ive seen a lot of people using these amps the 336c, 332c and the 332s..it gets me messed up and confuse and i need a conclusion which one to choose for the HD650..   which one do u guys...
  16. BeyerMonster

    Matched Pair Russian Military Tubes

    Looking to sell matched pair of NOS Voshkod Russian Military Tubes. I only used them for < 10s to verify that they work (can play the Windows test tone).   For use with ALO Pan Am or any other amp compatible with the following tube types: Analogs: E95F, EF95, EF905, 6F32 "Tesla", 6AK7, 5654...
  17. nastyskillz

    Matrix M-Stage best for $250?

    Is the Matrix M-Stage the best amp for $250? I think it's a solid state amp. this will most likely be used with HD 650s so i'm not sure if a SS or tube will do me better.    On a side note I really wish there was a sticky thread with best amps at each price point. The same for headphones. I...
  18. metrathon

    HD650 amp: 3 days of reading, no decision yet

    Hi there,   I did a lot of reading lately (great forum btw) but still cannot decide on what amp should I get for my HD650. The biggest decision factors are:   1. I have around $350 to spend. 2. I have sensitive ears, esp to high frequencies and high volume. 3. I like deep, extended...
  19. Penchum

    Review of Little-Dot MKIVse

    I posted this review over on the LD site a few weeks ago and several folks have asked me to post it here as well. This review takes you from ordering through burn-in and tube rolling. You will see time breaks, these are from additional postings that updated the review as I went along. I freely...
  20. gurnisht

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 vs other tube amps

    Hi. I recently got in a trade a Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 amp (traded for E9). I use it with HD600 and Beyer dt880/600 cans. The amp sounds ok, but not significantly better than the inbuilt amp of my external sound card. I am trying to decide between selling it and buying Darkvoice 336i or...
  21. MuH4hA

    LittleDot mk IV (SE) vs Schiit Valhalla vs Darkvoice 3322

    Hi there! So I am completely new to the whole "Hi-Fi" stuff - never owned a headphone-amp or anything.   Now as you can tell from the title i'm lookin for a tube-amp for somwhere around 400$. If there is another one, I just dont know about, please let me know ... I'm not limiting to...
  22. Vicca Tito

    Beyerdynamic DT-770 or DT-990 for better bass response? DT-880-600 ohm owner.

    Hi friends!   I would like to ask those who experienced both (including DT-880-600Ohms v.) which pair of mentioned headphones are more bass-delivery capable? I have a feeling of certain lack of bass notes depth in my setup (Darkvoice 3322, soon to be eventually upgraded to Little Dot MK IV...
  23. taisho

    Are my ears broken?

    Just to get some info out of the way, my Darkvoice 3322 amp is burned in, purchased almost a year ago and I decided to buy some new tubes since one of my Chinese tubes started to hum.   I recently purchased some new tubes (Svetlana 6S19-P (NOS) // GE 6AK5w (used) ) for my Darkvoice 3322 amp...
  24. Ozer

    Can I do anything about this problem ?

    Simply put, my La Figaro 332 Classic isn't working.... Comes no sound out of it..... Can I do anything about it or is my money gone in the wind ? Bought it from Luckyfrogaudio, a ebay seller.... But I can't return it there, they don't even exist anymore..... So if I can't fix this somehow, I...
  25. TDL-speakers

    Darkvoice 332.

    Hello,   Anyone here using this Valve headphone amp with Senn HD600?     Kind Regards.