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  1. OlosAftia

    Am I looking for a DAP... or a dongle?

    Hi all, Great to be part of this amazing community. Hope you can help me find what I'm looking for... or at least get closer. I am a budding audiophile and have been mainly dabbling in headphones so far. Started with the amazing B&O H6 v2, moved on to the Senn 58x, had Sony XM3s as my wireless...
  2. alwass89

    iPod Touch 7th Generation (2019)

    Not sure if anyone is still interested in the iPod Touch, but it looks like Apple quietly released the 7th Gen model this morning. The new model has the A10 chip, which they say has up to two times faster performance and up to three times faster graphics, and enables support for Group FaceTime...
  3. ttaazz

    Apple Ipod 32Go + Cayin C5 + Lod

    Hi, I put on sale my combo iPod 4th Gen 32Go and a great amp Cayin C5 and the LOD, it's a very good lot, good sound and powerful :smile_phones: All is in very great state, the Cayin is like new :wink: I don't have the box, but I send in a very very well protected package :dt880smile: I have...