1. Audio46

    CanJam NYC 2020 Sale Week at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of every brand listed below. Find the best deals from Audio46 all this week leading up to and including CanJam NYC 2020 (Feb 15-16). Discover the exact discounts by visiting us in-store or our table at CanJam NYC. We can make exceptions for private online...
  2. A

    BW PX7 vs. DALI IO-6 vs. Sennheiser Momentum 3

    It’s hard to track and post comparison in all three thread, and since many people will be choosing between these three, here is my comparison. I haven’t used over-ears for many years, but I lost my 64 Audio A12, so I bought a M3. But its battery life and design was terrible, so I returned it...
  3. L

    FS: Dali IO-6 wireless headphone - Brown/white color

    It’s in mint condition, and comes with the original box and everything that came with. It’s sold for $499+tax in the U.S (so ~$530-550 in most states). I am selling for $420, including PayPal fee and shipping.