1. J

    Would it be worth spending more on the Final audio design LAB II over the D8000?

    I'm currently trying to decide over the Final audio design LAB II in ear earphones or the D8000 full size headphones from Final audio design as well. The earphones look to cost about £900.00 pounds more coming in near to £4000.00. However, I've never spent a ton of money on in ear earphones...
  2. jwbrent

    SOLD: Final Audio D8000 Earpads

    Hi guys, Up for sale is a clean pair of final D8000 pads. I’ve had the Pro version pads since they were released so I really don’t need these. They retail for $79. As you can see in the picture, there are some tiny pulls on the nylon like fabric, hence my attractive price. The left pad does...
  3. Leicachamp

    FT: Final Audio D8000 for Sonorous X

    Anyone out their got an X that they would like to trade for a D8000?
  4. jwbrent

    SOLD: Final Audio Silver OFC Cable Balanced For D8000/SONOROUS

    I purchased this 5’ cable for my D8000 in anticipation of needing it with a new balanced DAP. I ended up going a different direction, so I won’t need this new cable any longer. The retail for this 2.5mm TRRS Silver cable is $529 and it is a special order item that takes a few weeks to get from...
  5. erik701

    [SOLD] Final Audio D8000 planar magnetic headphones

    Selling Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic headphones. I purchased them in May 2019. Perfect condition. They have been played for less than 100 hours. Complete package, all accessories, Headphone stand, 2 Detachable cables (1.5m/3.5mm plug), Detachable cable (3m/6.3mm plug), original box...
  6. final D8000 Pro Edition

    final D8000 Pro Edition

    2019 New model, D8000 Pro Edition from final, Japan. General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: D series Model Name: D8000 Pro Edition Price: USD4299 Purchase link: [Audio46] Specification Drivers: Planar Magnetic with AFDS technology Housing Material: Aluminium Magnesium...
  7. Maelob

    Sold sold Final Audio D8000

    For sale is good condition Final Audio D8000. I am the second owner- stand and cables included. Only missing a part of the original shipping box. PayPal and shipping included.
  8. koguma2000

    WTB: Final D8000

    (BOUGHT) I'm looking for Final D8000 Headphone in a perfect working and excellent cosmetic condition which comes with a proof or receipt showing that the item is sold by authorized retailer in US or Japan. A unit which is relatively new and comes with all the original accessories is preferred...
  9. final D8000

    final D8000

    final D8000 With the development of the new AFDS (Air Film Damping System), we have achieved sound quality that has both the sensitive high ranges of planar magnetic models and the volume and open feel bass tones of dynamic models. This is a product that will have you making new discoveries...
  10. angpsi

    [Sold] Final Audio D8000 planar magnetic headphones [EU]

    This is Final Audio's brand new open back planar magnetic flagship, already well received by various reviewers. To me they sound beautifully neutral (if not a touch on the warm side) with exceptional tonal balance and soundstage. You can look up my unboxing pics and ongoing impressions here (in...
  11. Bloos

    Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Final Audio is coming out with a new PLANAR MAGNETIC headphone! I'd like to see a thread with updates to this upcoming product, so I made one. All that seems to be currently known is that it's scheduled to be released in September of this year. Picture: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTWiADglpm7/...