1. AudioNewbi3

    Please help me to choose from the following IEMs for listening to jazz

    Okay so first of all hello to everyone on head-fi ^^   So I need help from all the experienced IEM guru's there to help me choose or recommend some other IEM FOR THE price range of the following IEM I singled out for listening to jazz audiophile music. Occasionally, I do listen to some...
  2. Jaben Australia

    Jaben is now in Australia! Beyerdynamic DT880 bundle at almost 50% off!

    Congratulations to Brooko, the winner of last week's FAD Piano Forte II draw!   Our bundle this week is a good one, we've just gotten Beyerdynamic onboard and thought we'd celebrate with a special bundle! Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro+ Go-Vibe Peak+ Crossroads Metal Stand for AU$458 (RRP $873)...
  3. jhumur

    A worthy replacement for the MylarOne X3

    I owned a pair of Crossroads MylarOne X3 for about 2 years. I loved those headphones; loved the sound they much so that I reached for the X3s before the ATH-ES7 or even the Grado SR60. Then, about a year ago, I fried the headphones by turning the volume up on my laptop all the way, not...
  4. ClieOS

    Multiple IEM Shootout v.3

    [Disclaimer] This review/comparison is on subjective term based solely on my personal experience, idea and opinion. You should not take any of the following as absolute truth and you are free to disagree. You are more than welcome to ask question regarding the rating but I can't guarantee a...
  5. Arcisal

    Need help choosing IEMs

    So you can probably tell from my post count I'm new here, as well as to the whole IEMs and headphones things. Much of my life I've been using the given Apple earphones which I was largely content with until I discovered that there are so much more better quality sounds with other IEMs.  ...
  6. Crossroads MylarOne Bijou 3

    Crossroads MylarOne Bijou 3

    # Dynamic driver: 9mm # Impedance: 16 Ohm # Sensitivity: 95dB # Frequency response: 20Hz – 22kHz # Cable: 140cm (Bijou, VB), Y-style, angled 3.5mm gold-plated plug # Accessories: Case, silicon tips, shirt clip, 6.3mm adapter (only Bijou)