1. Broeci

    Creative SB X-Fi HD with Xonar dx?

    Hey,   in Holland we have a website that does auctions on products and I got the Creative SB X-Fi HD for 35$. They put it in the auction because the packaging was damaged, but the amp is 100% working. I don't have to buy, if it sucks, so my question is: Is the amp any good and will it work...
  2. dakki12345

    suggest me a fun and engaging USB DAC on my PC under 100$

    hello.. for over 1week of research i still not get what i needed (Sorry for my bad english)   so basically i almost read 3/4 of the post here in headfi because of dac   BTW my list of headphones are   Sony XB500 Modded(Recabled and changed drivers) Ath-M50 Shure 215e   My...
  3. SikkNazty

    Sound Blaster X-Fi HD w/ SteelSeries Siberia V2

    So I recently purchased a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD to pair with my Audio Technica ATH Pro700 MK2 and it works flawlessly. I use my cans to jam out in public (w/o the amp obviously) and also in my dorm while I'm producing. I also have a pair of SteelSeries Siberia V2's and I'm thinking...
  4. Mkilbride

    TruStudio Pro Surround Sound VS CMSS-3D?

    Well, my PCI-E SOundcard is not working, even with an extension cable. So I feel kinda left out...the card somehow, has managed to die, even thought it worked months ago before I put it in storage. I can't say.   Anyways, it seems Creative's latest offerings no longer have CMSS-3D for some...
  5. Q

    Using an IEM for PC gaming

    Do IEMs do well with PC gaming or is it better to get one of those "gaming headsets?" I have an Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card.
  6. asutaka3

    DT770 with Behringer HA400

    Hi,    I'm planning to buy a Behringer HA400 as I see its price on amazon is around $40. I have a limited budget, so can afford an amp of about $120.   I have a DT770 80 ohm and a Creative Sound blaster x-fi HD (USB). I use foobar and listen to 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC files from my PC, and...
  7. FrozenFlame

    Will the ASUS Xonar U3 drive the Sennheiser PC 360?

    Title says it all.   I'm using a laptop, so I need an external USB Sound Card.    If you have other recommendations, please do state it here. I would highly appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Kaushad

    Should I get a 558 with a DAC/amp, or a 598 with a lower quality amp.

    558 amp   598 amp...
  9. TomatoTen

    cheap usb sound/card + amp for beyer dt770 pro 80 ohms?

    hi. i plan on getting the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 80 ohms...   my asus mobo has bad onboard audio, so i plan on getting an external usb sound card (i'm running a mITX build so my only pci slot is taken by my gfx card)   i also am thinking about getting an amp for the beyers also. any...
  10. Zasteba

    DT880 - Best Soundcard + Amp combo?

    [Edit] Dang I just realized this should have went to the amp subsection. My bad guys.   Hey guys, I know some of you may say that this has been discussed already, but there are a few finer points that I want to hammer out which I haven't found an answer to.   I have already decided on...
  11. cmander10

    DT 770 PRO 250 ohm DAC+amp or external sound card

    I'm looking at getting the DT 770 PRO 250 ohm for instrumental/classical music and some movie watching.  Mainly getting 770 for the comfort, bass (I like some impact), and closed feature.  I am in a dorm so my only source is a Lenovo T530 laptop.  I am looking for an amp+DAC/external sound card...
  12. Shrikee

    Searching a headphone for 200€ / 260 USD

    Hello everyone,   I've started to look after audio equipment two years ago, but headphones were a huge disappointment for me. Below I will jot down my experiences with them so maybe that helps choosing a new one (and hopefully THE one).   Tried:   Superlux HD668B As it was...
  13. Waynester

    Advice needed with my new Creative sound card and Creative speakers, how to plug it all in? lol!! and more advice please

    Hi Guys   i`m a newbie at all this Audio stuff    currently, my Desktop PC is this model     it came fitted with this internal soundcard which i`m not...
  14. Zelaxe

    Inexpensive Soundcard/DAC for headphones

    I have bought the Sennheiser HD598 and I'm using it combined with the integrated sound card on my motherboard. I want to buy an external soundcard or DAC since I'm already using all of my PCI/PCI-E slots. The furthest I am willing to go is around 100USD unless there is some significantly better...
  15. zakazak

    Need help with DAC and how to set it up for my sytem

    Hi there,   I could really need some help to improve/finish my audio system.   Most of the music/movies comes from my notebook (here is my review + information of my system...
  16. belisk

    Headphone amp with headset

    Hi there,   I'm in the market for a decent headphone AMP/DAC and headset, i'm a newb when it comes to audio, I only just found out about headphone AMP/DACs.   I'm a gamer, music is secondary, so i've narrowed my results to Sennheiser PC360 or AKG Q701.   My setup is a Sager NP9150...
  17. zakazak

    Fiio E17 or Creative Soundblaster X-fi HD for me?

    Hello, I would need 2 DAC's for my system:   First system: Laptop -> Sennheiser HD555 (modded to 595) or Laptop -> Sony TA-F690ES (Sony ES-Series Stereo Amp.. so I would only need the DAC feature) -> Magnat Zero 8 speakers   Second system: HTPC -> TV -> Sony TA-F690ES (Sony...
  18. wgan

    Sound Blaster USB Digital Music Premium HD Soundcard vs titanium hd?

    I couldn't find any solid review regarding this product, and wondering how does it perform anyway, especially compare to titanium hd version (which is internal), I'm gonna use it mainly for music, but also for gaming, movies and music/midi creation, any thoughts? thanks!
  19. trampicus

    USB Amp/DAC Recommendation

    I'm looking to get away from using the onboard soundcard an my PC and also from the horrible tinny speakers in my laptop. I'm thinking the best route to go would be would be a USB amp/DAC since i would be able to use the DAC to take an output from either my PC or laptop to my amp or use it as a...
  20. baloo87

    New Headset And/or Soundcard for Alienware M17x

    Hello, since im going away from home for a year, im obligated to switch from my desktopPC to a Notebook. ive chosen a Dell Alienware M17x R4 to do the job for me.   on my Desktop i have a Xfi Titanium soundcard icw steelseries steelsound 7H, wich sound great imho.   my Steelseries...
  21. razvitm

    Creative X-FI HD USB revealed

    So i bought a new soundcard, the x-fi hd usb, and opened it up so everybody can see just how much hardware this baby hides under the hood. So i'll just post a picture...     After i'll install the drivers I will make some RMAA tests, but beware, this thing has awesome output but not so...
  22. Kreathor

    Creative SB X-Fi Titanium HD + Amp

    Hi people, I wonder if anyone knows any good amp that I can connect into my Titanium card and back my AKG 550s phones?   I bought the card but I don't think it has enough power to really get the best out of my 550s, but I still want to use the card. I just need an amp so I don't get...
  23. lilVaratep

    just got my ad 700's

    My ad 700's just came in the mail today. I was wondering what kind of settings on realtek hd audio manager I should be using for it? i see something called headphone virtualization - will this increase the surround sound i get from playing fps, or do the phones already have natural surroudn...
  24. BulletProve

    Thinking of buying The HD650 need a little help

    Hey   I am thinking of buying a headphone for games and movie I want to spend around $450 for the headphones, and around 100 for the amp or the sound card   I have few question   Is the HD650 a good choice for my using, please tell me if there are better choices for my price range...
  25. Snifflesqt

    Needing advice DT990 or Audio Technica AD700 used for Gaming and Music (Electronic)

    Hey guys. I am interested in buying a good pair of headphones. I will be adding a microphone to these. Either mod one on the side or use a desktop one. Currently I am choosing from the DT990 Pro 250Ohm for $215 or the Audio Technica AD700 for $125. I do not have a sound card or amp although...