1. PramodNundlall

    creative recon 3d omega wireless headset

    I have these:   I was thinking of using the headset with the x fi pro connected with my pc. will it be any good or will...
  2. MichaelJames99

    5.1 Dolby Downloadable Tests for headphones..why is this so hard?

    I may be missing something simple here, but I am having a lot of problems locating 5.1 tests/test videos.  I have 3 sets of headphones coming today and I have looked for 2 days.  These have to be downloadable to a laptop.  Trying to use a good surround video to evaluate all 3 equally.   Did...
  3. NosRokanaske

    Recon3D (USB) question.

    Right now i have the Recon3D Omega Bundle as my headset and soundcard. So far i am impressed with it but i am considering getting an AKG Q702 in place of the of the Tactic3D Omega headset because i do want something that sounds nicer and is a little bit more breathable. I already tested it with...
  4. Muscle

    Creative recon3D usb vs Astro Mixamp pro

    I'm in search of an external USB sound card for FPS games that would yield better enemy positioning (footsteps, etc). I only game on PC (mac to be exact).   Does anyone have any experience with both these options? Which should I go with?
  5. derdelush

    Loud popping on certain low frequencies on Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 with integrated Recon3D

    Hello. First time poster here, having an issue. I use Koss Porta Pro Headphones on an Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 with Soundblaster Recon3D integrated sound.   I get popping sounds at what seem to be low frequencies. It seems a bit random though and doesn't happen to every sound I hear regardless...
  6. Evshrug

    *Complete* Competitive Gamer Bundle: AD700 + Recon3D + Goodies

    For Sale: Audio Technica AD700 Headphones with retail box, Recon3D with retail box, microphone, amp, and connection accessories.   This is all a competitive gamer needs to have a detailed, competitive, surround sound gaming experience on the Xbox, PS3, or PC. I used this with my Xbox 360 and...
  7. PurpleAngel

    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D THX PCIE Sound Card SB1350

    Amazon has a listing (but out of stock) for the new Creative Labs Recon3D SB1350 PCI-E sound card. Comes with a 600-Ohm headphone amplifier. Suggested retail price is $104
  8. PurpleAngel

    Creative Labs new Recon3D PCI-Express (SB1350) sound card is now available.

    Creative Labs new sound card the Recon3D (SB1350) PCI-Express, which comes with a 600-Ohm headphone amplifier. Hopefully someone on Head-Fi will buy one and give a full review.
  9. VandaL4125

    Creative Recon3D work with Xbox 360?

    So I am looking for a good audio solution for my XBOX 360. I have a pair of sennheiser PC360s which I use for PC gaming and was wondering if I could use the Creative Recon3D and I would be able to get game sound in virtual surround and chat via the xbox controller like I would be able to do with...
  10. VandaL4125

    Creative Recon3D + Tactic360 Sigma?

    I recently purchased the Recon3D and am currently using it with my Sennheiser PC360 headset on my xbox 360. What I would like to know is if the Tactic360 Sigma and Recon3D would work together properly? I see the Tactic360 comes with a volume control amp for the chat and game volume. Can this...
  11. majnu

    Creative Recon3D Gaming Pre-amp, Dolby Digital Decoder Help

    I recently bought a Creative Recon3D for use with my console. It features a 10 band eq, however when gaming with my Sennhesier HD595's.         My Amplifier has something called Cross Over Frequency. It describes it as: " Set the lowest frequency your front speaker can produce to...
  12. ZK85

    Creative Recon3d/Xi-Fi Go Pro

    I am going to buy very soon my first audiophile headphones for pc gaming and movie watching, I own an external sound card with 3D CMSS (similar to Dolby Headphones) called the "xi-fi go pro"    ...
  13. NinjaSushi2

    Recon3D vs. Titanium HD, both 150USD. Which?

    I'm leaning towards the Ti-HD. That or the STX.
  14. NamelessPFG

    FS: Creative Recon3D USB sound card/headphone surround processor for consoles

    I bought this Recon3D USB for review purposes, and I know all I need now. Time to pass it on.   It's in working order and comes with all accessories, as pictured. You can use it for both PC gaming and console gaming (if the console in question has optical/Toslink S/PDIF output), whereas most...
  15. turokrocks

    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D: Supports studio quality headphones and headsets of up to 600 ohm impedance???

    With a dedicated Headphone jack!!  Creative has done it this time????  
  16. IanM

    Recon3D *USB* or other HRTF positional audio solution for SFF / mini-ITX systems? CMSS, Dolby Headphone & THX Trustudio Pro

    The concept behind the Recon3D USB soundcard seems great, but it doesn't look like a product that has great sound quality and as far as I can tell there is no CMSS or Dolby Headphone. So I'm wondering, what alternatives are there that might be of better sound quality and/or allow users to choose...
  17. Ahereon

    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion PCIe supports DTS and Dolby?

    Hi audiophiles,    I'm new at the forum, my name is John, I'm from Argentina, and recently found out about this forum, I got a lot of relevant and useful information from it. I'm in the process of putting together a gaming and entertainment rig, I want to watch HD Movies and be able to...
  18. big_k

    How to Setup my Seinheisser PC360 Headset with my Xbox 360 for best quality? (I Have a USP-1) Considering different Sound processors (Mixamp, DSS, Recon3d)

    Hi guys, EDIT: Didn't realize this is my first post! Long time lurker :)   My biggest thing would be not losing sound quality due too many connections. At gamestop they told me I cannot connect my PC headset to the computer, after a few quick google searches I saw it is possible. The...
  19. peck1234

    Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D 1st Impressions and Questions!   This sound card has a headphone out that is amped, and your usual line outs.  If im going to hook this up to a speaker amp via 3.5mm to RCA cable's should I used the amped output or line out? (green jack)  (obviously the...
  20. R

    Sennheiser HD 558: Gaming, Music, Amp/DAC, Burn-in?

    Hey all, pretty new to this world of "hi-fi" audio.  Been reading/researching for a few days now...just getting started, I know. :)   Anyway, I'm pretty set on the 558s right now, I think...  :P   I will be gaming: FPS, RPG, MMO.  TF2, DoD, CoD, and other random shooters.  Diablo 3, and...
  21. virii01

    Looking for an entry level Amp/DAC with S/PDIF...

    Hey guys, first post.  I searched and read for hours but still am not sure so I finally decided to post.   I am looking for an entry level Amp/DAC combo (<$150) that has a S/PDIF input.  This will be for my desktop computer (non-portable)  The sound card is a M-Audio 2496 and the analog outs...
  22. gravecross

    Headphones + Clip/ Headset for gaming

    Hello everyone.   I've been doing alot of research on the headsets and headphones + clip on but I still can't figure what to get. My spending limit is 180 or so. I've looked at the PC360s even tho there a bit out of my range and my dad who is a computer guy has shown me TB's z26a or...
  23. FeralJim

    New User: HD598s, Soundblaster Recon 3Di and THX Studio Pro

    Hi guys,   I'm not very familiar with telling sound quality at all but when I built my new PC I decided I wanted a better experience on that end. With that in mind I bought myself some Sennheiser HD598s and a Sniper.3 M3 Motherboard with Creative audio chip and built in headphone amp.  ...
  24. 343 Grenadier

    Console Gaming Sound Cards.

    I was a little curious to know which of the well-known console audio solutions out there are the best overall solutions for getting better audio out of consoles.   Astro Mixamp and Turtle Beach DSS and DSS2 seem popular. I hear the new USB Creative Recon3D has the best of both worlds: The...
  25. willc

    HTPC - Help for recommendation on'high end' multi-channel sound card for less than 1k

    Hi all, I've built a quiet pc for my video and audio library and am quite happy with it with exception of the sound card and am wanting to upgrade it. The setup is  it runs on windows 7 64bit on a SSD (fast boot time).  it is currently is hooked up to 2 pairs of B&O BeoLab 3 and a Velodyne...