1. FrZ-Fi

    Help me choose my first AMP :)

    Hello Head-Fi :) I have been a long time lurker reading different reviews on headphones, amps, ect. I finally set my self up with some higher end cans (Beyer T90) and need some good amplification to go along with it. So far I have been using the Creative Labs ZX sound card to power the...
  2. cmander10

    DT 770 PRO 250 ohm DAC+amp or external sound card

    I'm looking at getting the DT 770 PRO 250 ohm for instrumental/classical music and some movie watching.  Mainly getting 770 for the comfort, bass (I like some impact), and closed feature.  I am in a dorm so my only source is a Lenovo T530 laptop.  I am looking for an amp+DAC/external sound card...
  3. voodoo do-er

    will the fiio e7 work as a usb sound card?

    my audigy will not fit my HTPC case so I'm looking into getting a usb DAC or soundcard will the fiio e7 work as a usb sound card?
  4. dukeReinhardt

    Creative Sound Blaster ZXR

    With the card in the title, there's a choice between setting 32-300ohm headphone output and 600ohm headphone output. I think the 600ohm option just adds power. Is there any downside (in terms of quality or potential damage to very efficient headphones) to set the output to 600ohms for all...