1. Music-Hunter

    Coloud or Creative Aurvana Live?

    Coloud   And the Creatives I was looking at   Which you recommend? The Creatives look like Bose which i like. I might buy these over them actually.
  2. Deathshead

    Grado sr60 best bang for my buck for monitoring bass guitar? (or others in the price range)

    Hi there, After years of dealing with in-ears I have had it, my ears are always terribly sore, isolation issues, etc.   I play bass guitar and I like to play along with certain track to learn timing etc.. I play a wide variety of music.. from smooth jazz to hardcore punk rock.   Im...
  3. noodles256

    ATH-M50, HFI-580, CAL (Aurvana Live), DT770. Need Help

    Hello Head-fi community,   I have been browsing these forums for about 3 weeks now. After purchasing my first pair of "high-quality" headphones known as the V-Moda Crossfade LP, I was greatly disappointed in the sound quality and comfort I paid $200 for which led to my immediate return of...
  4. bucket indeed

    New headphone suggestions please

    Presently I have a pair of HD201's, and I love the amount of detail I got for my $16.  Last week I tried a friends new Steelseries Siberia V2's, and was surprised about what I thought.  I didn't like the relative lack of detail, but I actually enjoyed the wider soundstage (headstage?), loved the...
  5. RPGmaster

    Looking for First Audiophile Headphones -- <$60

    What I listen to: I listen to music on my Desktop, my myTouch Slide, and my (beat up) Sansa Fuze.   Really and truly, anything will be a huge leap above my (now broken) Sennheiser CX300s. :P
  6. Hifi Man

    Creative Aurvana Live! vs CitiScape Uptown vs Sennheiser Amperior

    so I current have the amperior and I use them pretty much non stop. I think the sound is good, however they pinch. How much of a step down in quality would something like the CAL be or Cityscape Uptown? I'm trying to consider other portable headphone options to take with me places. I am kind of...
  7. kidgfoo


    Hey guys. I recently got myself a Fuze, and am just getting into the finer audio side of life. my fuze is rockboxed, and i immediately noticed a huge improvement in SQ with my normal mp3 files. however, i still have the stock buds and am looking for some IEMs AND a set of portables. Budget is...
  8. Z

    How to tighten headphones? Creative Aurvana Live! too loose for my lil head.

    Bought some CAL!s last week for £50 on Amazon UK.. They sound great for the price but seem a bit loose on my head (which is obviously a lot smaller than I thought). When I am walking or turn my head they tend to slide around sometimes which is quite irritating (I have ridiculously soft and silky...
  9. Technicolour

    Strange crackling with Aurvana Lives

    I bought the Crative Aurvana Live!'s a few months ago and until now I couldn't have been happier with them.   However, about 2 weeks ago while listening to music via an mp3 player, I noticed a strange crackling sound that occurs during particular notes, especially at higher volumes, in some...
  10. henio

    JVC HA-M750 or Creative Aurvana Live or Sony MDRXB500

    I have a dilemma here.   I have these three to choose from :    - JVC HA-M750    - Creative Aurvana Live    - Sony MDRXB500   Which of these would be best for outside use during travel on tube and buses. I will plug them to my ipod classic 5g, no amp. I'm looking for best...
  11. BlackSushi222

    Stuck between these Closed Headphones, Please help.

    Hi guys, ever since I got my PX100-IIs, I now want a closed headphone to compliment. I know this has been asked countless of times, and I have also done ALOT of reading, but in the end I ended up stuck between these headphones that I have allocated and that also fit my budget.   Equation...
  12. dartmouth

    Best full-size phones, with good looks, sound, and portability for under $100?

    I'm looking to buy myself a set of 'phones I can use at home and on the go. What I'd like is good to great sound quality, good looks, and a decent price. Here are a few ideas I've come up with: Grado SR60i's Panasonic RP-HTX7's Audio-Technica SQ5's Creative Aurvana Live!'s...
  13. shnitz

    Creative Aurvana Live! have been discontinued, it seems

    I was recently recommending headphones for a friend (the classic "Hey man, you like headphones, right? Well I want to spend about $50, maybe up to $100 on good sounding headphones.  What do you think of these Skullcandy?") and looking online for the CAL!, it seems that they are no longer in...
  14. hotto

    Lifespan for Creative Aurvana Live!?

    I am now almost certain that I will purchase a pair of CAL!, but there is one dilemma I have to face. I live in Sweden but will go to US in one month, and the warranties differ a bit. Newegg only offers a limited 30-day refund policy, while the intended Swedish retailer offers a two-year...
  15. Aaron7

    Creative Aurvana Lives or the HD 448s?

    Hello again,   Just about to go for the HD448s and came across the Creative Aurvana Lives which are slightly cheaper and look like they have better reviews. What would be better for me to get depending on these requirements: Comfort + great sound quality I listen to all kinds of music...
  16. DJDzej

    Need help in selcting best Headphones for Ipod Vid. 5G

    Hi,  First of all I'm gonna say Hello guys to everyone reading this because I'm new here.  Now, to the main subject, I need to chose one of the following five models : Sennheiser HD 418 Sennheiser HD 428 Panasonic RP-HTX7 Sony MDR-XB500 Creative Aurva Live!  I must admit that I'm...
  17. ishkabibble

    Good portable headphones?

    Like the title says, anyone know of any good portable headphones? I do quite enjoy the Shure SRH240's that i'm using right now, but there is no way they're gonna fit in my bag. I have a budget of about $60-$80, and I'd prefer for them to not open-back, since i'm usually surrounded by a lot of...
  18. ruch182

    Broke my ATH-ES7s

    Yesterday the two wires connected to the actual headphones were yanked pretty hard and now I'm getting no sound at all from either side - just spoke to audio technica and they've quoted roughly £40 for repair seeing as how I don't have warranty.   Are there any other new headphones that I...
  19. Jozurr

    Where to buy creative aurvana live?

    Newegg is currently out of stock for the creative aurvana live. Where can i buy them for $60? Please don't recommend ebay because I can't use it. Secondly the seller should be reliable. Anyone?
  20. mos86

    What's better than Aurvana Live ?

    Hi all, What's better sounding than Creative Aurvana Live! for up to $120? I will appreciate stylish cans (no must). I want closed cans (so I won't disturb people).   Thanks.
  21. Jotuns

    Creative Aurvana Live! VS Stanton DJ Pro 2000

    Hello,   For the last few days I've been searching for new headphones to replace the current one I have which is the Stanton DJ Pro 2000S. This is because this one is totally falling apart and being hold together with tape at the moment.   I've been doing some reading on these forums and...
  22. viralcow

    AKG K142HD - Quick Foam Removal Mod

    AKG K142HD - Quick Foam Removal Mod       Hello, Head-fi. I usually don’t do write-ups like this because I’m still rather inexperienced in headphone-dom and I’m probably not qualified to make critical assessments other than personal impressions. But I wanted to share a small discovery...
  23. Technicolour

    From nothing to doomed

    Well, I thought I'd share my audio experience and how I came to be here.   I'm 17, and I've already spent $150NZ ($70-80US about) on a pair of headphones recently and I'd probably spend a bit more if it meat a bigger gain.   It started in 06 when I got an mp3 player from my parents. Back...
  24. saar1320

    New headphones for my PC.

    I want to put like 100$ on headphones for my PC. Its HP G62 laptop if it matters.   I want you to give me cool design headphones (important and Beats as an example) and thats all basicly, I don't want to use AMP and those kind of stuff.   100$ is enough right ? If you have something...
  25. 1Time

    Creative Aurvana Live!

    I can't believe my $35 (used) Creative Aurvana Live! - CAL! - headphones sound this good / fun from a $10 (used) c-media sound card. I often listen to this rig for hours at a time because it sounds so good / fun - great synergy. The bass is deep, bumping, tuneful, and loud, just how I like...