1. krismusic

    Who got headphones?

    Ok. So who got headphones for Christmas and what did you get? Doesn't really count if you bought them yourself but post anyway. Very Happy Christmas to all.
  2. D3Seeker

    A Plea Form A Hybrid

     This Head-fier is sad   My faith here is dwindling....   And maybe I'm just hanging around the wrong parts of the forum, but I know I am not he only techie AND sound enthusiast/admirer/hopeful here.   Our goal and projected duty here, is to achieve the best possible audio experience where...
  3. SoulSyde

    The Official Rockbox for Android Registry

    The Official Rockbox for Android Registry   (See guidlines for adding your device to the registry below in post #2)   Testing and Experiences by Head-Fi Members   Archos 32: Froyo 2.2, Rooted via Archangel, See brief review here. (dfkt, 2/9/11) Archos 43: Froyo 2.2, Not rooted...
  4. AudioDwebe

    What portable players do wifi?

    Recently discovered MOG - very cool.    I've been using my phone, but am looking for something that's made for music playing that'll do wifi.  The only one that I'm aware of is iPod Touch.   Are there other players that have wifi capabilities?   Thanks.
  5. bicegadiv

    Need Help: iPod, Cowon or Sansa

    Hi guys, I am planning to upgrade my mp3 player. I will be focusing on sound quality so, as more experienced users what do you suggest me to buy ?  --A Cowon C2 4GB with 32GB microSD or --An iPod Touch 3rd gen. 32GB or --Any model of Sansa(Clip+, Zip, Fuze ...) Please help me for...
  6. srcx13

    Cowon J3, Z2, D3, A5- your vote please!

    Hi Friends!   If money is not an issue, and based on pure sound quality, which one of these is the best buy? You may add other cowon players too.   Use with- high quality headphones and high quality lossless audio.   Votes, as many as possible, are invited!   Thank you!
  7. olear

    Which Sony 32gb?

    Looking for an upgrade from a Clip+ and one that is in English and hopefully sold in the states or in the UK.   A SQ that is at least as good and neutral as the Clip is my main interest.   Thank You
  8. NonApplicable

    Westone 4 an Upgrade from Turbine Coppers?

    I am going to be purchase a pair of new headphones tommorow but I am looking for a step up from the MTPCs. I adore my MTPCs but after hearing some of the Grado's qualities I started craving certain aspects my IEMs did't project. I decided that a hybrid between the MTPCs and Grados Cans would be...
  9. Artmuzz

    Audio randomly cuts out throughout tracks on Cowon D3

        Since recently there seems to be problems when I'm playing music on my Cowon D3. Every few seconds the audio randomly cuts out throughout any track I play. It is really annoying. I checked task manager to check if there was alot of apps open which could strain the memory and cpu but...
  10. Razva

    Sound quality, storage, battery life, FM radio, simple, small size MP3 player - what do you recommend?

    Hi folks!   I'm searching for an MP3 player that:   1) has a great sound quality 2) has at least 64GB of storage, but 128GB would be great! 3) has a great battery life. I'm sick of my iPhone which lasts 12 hours... 4) has an FM radio for when I'm tired of my music or want to hear...
  11. batteraziiz

    Cowon Plenue P1

  12. Cowon D3 Plenue 32 GB 3.7-Inch MP3 Player with Android (Black)

    Cowon D3 Plenue 32 GB 3.7-Inch MP3 Player with Android (Black)