1. newbHfi

    What audio system makes full use of Monster Turbine Pros?

    I have a Cowon A2 and D2 and the JetAudio sounds amazing, much better than my computer's on-board sound card. But it doesn't produce the 20 hz the Golds are capable of putting out. What sources does everyone listen to? Also, what kinds of songs have a lot of bass? I'm not really too much into...
  2. Cowon A2 30 GB Portable Multimedia Player

    Cowon A2 30 GB Portable Multimedia Player

    480 x 272 pixels, 26 M color 4 inch Wide TFT-LCD presents overall operation status at your fingertip, and high-quality images anywhere, anytime. / The ultra power-saving circuit of COWON A2 enables up to 10 hours of video and 18 hours of audio continuous playback with its built-in, fully...