1. Spardasieg

    Looking for a new cheap portable <50, Should I go with the JVC HAS400 or something else?

    I have been looking around and am trying to decide if the JVC's would suit me, I usually take my Sennheiser HD25-1 out with me but at night neighborhood isn't the greatest and I would like a portable pair that won't break the bank if stolen.   I am looking at these so far, was...
  2. tsmithf33

    Need advice on first ciem purchase

    Hey guys, looking to buy my first set of monitors. I've narrowed it down to the JHaudio 5pro's or the Livewires trips. Not knowing the ins and out of this industry I would love some advice. Thank you in advance!
  3. Ira Delphic

    TTPOD T1 Tips Thread

    The TTPOD T1 has an unusual earphone shaft - wider bore than most and no so long. One issue with the various The TTPOD T1's is achieving ideal fit - in terms of acceptable seal, sound signature and comfort.    Many tips are included (at least with my The TTPOD T1-E ) - white silicon wide and...
  4. suicidal_orange

    Professor Beats Ear Sweets (Comply tips alternative)

    In my search for large Comply TSX400 tips at a reasonable price I came across these Professor Beats Ear Sweets*.  After some hesitation the lower price and extra pair won over the dodgy name and garish colour and I bought a pack of large ones hoping they would fit, which they do.   They...
  5. eyal1983

    Comply TS400 and TSX400 tips

    New, never opened.   got them 50$ (40 + shipping)   selling for 35 (0 for shipping) or 20 for each (still, 0 for shipping).   world-wide, registered, and tracked of course     /Eyal +972-545-928-784
  6. indieman

    New tips for sp51p?

    Anyone know if the shure olives or comply foam tips fit the mee sp51p? I can't find a local store to try them and would hate to purchase the tips online then not fit :/ If it helps, I tried Sony hybrid tips I used with my old M6's, way too small of a stem/core! Much thanks :3
  7. Totally Dubbed

    SOLD - Comply BLACK TS-400 foam tips

      NOW SOLD   I shall post pictures when I get home!   -2 un-used comply TS-400's -I also have another pair which are a little more used, could throw them in a cheaper rate too, if interested, at say, £2.50 for the pair - why not!   I would say £10 is a fair price for the un-used...
  8. queenkong

    FS: Denon AHC300 free Samsung HS3000 and Magneat cable management and Comply TS400 tips

    Hello! Location of item : Singapore   Denon AHC300 full original package contents with box, 1 month old with local receipt from Stereo Electronics. Free: 1) 2 pairs brand new TS400 comply tips size M, 1 pair used 3 days 2) 1 pair Monster Triple Flange size M 3) 1 packet of...
  9. Cieran

    Comply TS-400 (speherical) medium black - unused

    Bought a pack of these and the regular shaped T-400's last week for £31 altogether on amazon uk, to see which one I prefered. I ended up going for the regular T-400's as they fitted my ears better so these are surplus to requirements.   The pack has been opened so unfortuantley I can't send...
  10. wcstick

    Comply tips from Target?

    Hello,   I have a set of Brainwavz M4 and I was wondering, how do the Comply tips from Target (listed on their website) compare to the ones that come with the IEMs? They have two types listed - regular foam tips and WHOOMP! tips - that appear to be comparable to the S-400 and TS-400 listed...
  11. supernatural

    Microphonics while walking

    Im getting really pissed off by the thumping sound when I'm walking. Would a better cable/eartips help fix this issue at least to some extent? Also, do custom IEMs also share this problem?
  12. dragon2knight

    Brainwavz Delta IEM's: new low cost champs!

    I have had a pre release set of the new Brainwavz Delta IEM's for around two weeks now, putting over 100 hours on them in an effort to put up a thorough review of these under $20.00 bargains. has put a lot of effort into making sure that these are a few steps above the norm you get...
  13. Comply Ts-400

    Comply Ts-400

    Delivering amazing comfort through its spherical shape, Comply™ Premium Tips Ts-Series are engineered with super soft memory foam that gently seals the ear canal, providing a superior audio experience and a customized stay-in-ear-fit… so you hear music the way it was meant to be heard.