1. Hay2104

    SOLD: Meze Neo 11 Iridium IEMs

    Comes with all original accessories, and 100 percent non used and CLEAN earpieces of various sizes. Shipping within US via UPS. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal only.
  2. Crosszone CZ-1 Over-The-Ear Triple Driver Flagship Headphones

    Crosszone CZ-1 Over-The-Ear Triple Driver Flagship Headphones

    Crosszone CZ-1 Crosszone’s CZ-1 is a unique headphone that achieves the External Sound Localization effect with an original technology. Different from conventional headphones that have a problem known as internal sound localization (in which the sound sources seems to be located inside the...
  3. Zenrap518

    My Pleather earpads have a mildew smell after cleaning them. Any way to remove?

    I recently cleaned my Meze 99 Classics, on which i switched out the pads to the PSB M4U 1 pads. I used a wet cloth to clean the headphones and the pads, while still attached to the headphones. After that, i (stupidly) put them in the case and left it there for a couple of days. When i used them...
  4. UtzY

    Pleather or Leather earpads? (Durability and permeability/cleanliness) -- Protein leather?

    Hi, I am in a search of earpads/headband that I can clean easily. I have 0 cut hairstyle, and sometimes I can say that I have more sebum/oil production than a normal person. (especially the fact that I don't leave my hair to grow at all). - Or it's my impression :) As I am a clean freak, I am...