1. K1030

    [SOLD] Samsung Chromebook 3 11.6"

    Received as promotional gift, brand new. Planned to use this as a media hub with Tidal, Spotify, and Play movies but does not suit me due to my visual impairment so looking for a place where it can be used properly. Will be shipped via USPS priority PayPal accepted Open to offers; comment and...
  2. innerspaceboy

    Please help me identify the model of these vintage chrome 70s headphones I lost in a divorce

    I received these funky vintage chrome/silver/aluminum/metal cone-shaped on-ear headphones as a Christmas gift from an old friend in 2015. They were stolen by my ex-wife when she moved out, and I've been unable to track down a replacement pair ever since. 90% sure they were made in Japan and...