chord poly
  1. alxw0w

    [WTB] Chord Poly

    Hi there. I'm looking for Chord Poly. European sellers only. Every offer will be considered. Thank you
  2. silvahr

    Canceled: Chord Mojo (bought new 30.10.2019)

    Hello, Selling Chord Mojo+Poly+original sleeve leather case. Bundle bought new 30.10.2019. In pristine condition, without any marks of use. In original boxes, with all original accessories. Both Mojo and Poly are registered in Chord site since 30.10.2019. Been using this combo with microSD...
  3. NYanakiev

    FS: Chord Mojo&Poly Gift Box (DAC+AMP+Streamer) 6 year warranty RRP £990

    Purchased from Richer Sounds in London in July with a six year warranty; Excellent condition- barely used. Combine the award-winning Chord Mojo and Poly with all the added extras and you get the superb value Mojo/Poly Gift Pack. All the accessories you need – in the box As well as...
  4. silvahr

    Cancel: Chord Poly+original sleeve leather case (bought new 30.10.2019) - includes microSD card 200GB and optional Mojo same age

    Selling Chord Poly+original sleeve leather case. Bought new 30.10.2019. In pristine condition, without any marks of use. In original box, with all original accessories, including 2 months free Roon license. Poly is registered in Chord site since 30.10.2019. I'm using Mojo-Poly with micro SD card...
  5. mashuto

    SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly

    Adding this here as well since it seems this fits in both source and amplification categories. I am selling my chord mojo and chord poly. They are both in fine working condition and excellent physical condition. I have simply moved on to other things and am not using them and would rather not...
  6. mashuto

    SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly

    For sale is my Chord Mojo + Chord Poly. Both are in good condition, but I have just found this combo is not for me, and have since moved on to a dedicated DAP. Poly is on latest firmware. Included is the chord original hard case, plus a very very nice valentinum leather case. Photos...
  7. agrosash

    FS: Chord Poly + Long Case [SOLD elsewhere]

    Edit: Sold via Roon Community. I'm thinking about selling my Chord Poly. With the new firmware update it's a fantastic piece of gear, but I'm mostly listening to my UE18s when stationary at my desk. I still have the original packaging and would throw in the original case for the Mojo+Poly...
  8. plakat

    Selling my collection: Chord Poly -- SOLD

    Selling an unopened Chord Poly, i.e. in its original, sealed packaging. I never came around to re-buy a Mojo, so I just did not open it... Unit was bought shortly after release. Local pickup in Vienna preferred, shipping by Postal service is otherwise included in the price. Payment in cash on...
  9. Todd

    Round 2 Mojo/Poly Loaner program

    HI All, We are going to have another round of loaner participants now that the Mojo/Poly combo is working well together. So, the normal loaner rules... accepting 5 people. Send your name and address, telephone number and your Head-Fi user name to me (Todd) at Do NOT PM me...
  10. nuhor68

    Chord Poly Bluetooth Connection Problem

    Hello, I am unable to connect Poly to my Android smartphone (Google Pixel 2 XL) via Bluetooth. In pairing mode the smartphone does not see Poly. At the same time I successfully connected my iPad and Poly via Bluetooth and can use Go Figure with no issues. I would appreciate very much if...
  11. ThePrince425

    [Sold] Chord Mojo + Poly

    In excellent condition and always in protective case. Mojo and Poly comes with both the long and short original leather cases, as well as the bonus cable pack. Brilliant value for performance and utility that exceeds far beyond its class. Using it as a portable streamer with my iems, and with my...
  12. yukiorui

    [SOLD] Chord Mojo + Poly

    SOLD Selling Chord Mojo + Poly with combination long-case which were purchased only in March 2018. Have decided to upgrade and so am selling these. Warranty with AV One in Singapore until March 2019. Letting go of these for only USD 900, excluding transaction and shipping costs.
  13. pithyginger63

    chord mojo + poly vs chord hugo 1

    i'm not asking for help, i wanna know what you would do chord mojo + poly = 1200-1300 usd chord hugo 1 = 1200-1300 usd on ebay if your lucky which one would you get? which one has better performance? WHY IS THE POLY SO EXPENSIVE?!
  14. Chord Electronics Mojo/Poly Running Chord's Gofigure App

    Chord Electronics Mojo/Poly Running Chord's Gofigure App

    The Chord Electronics Poly is MUCH easier to use and set up with Chord’s Gofigure app (we’re beta testing Gofigure). Here’s the MojoPoly combo with my iPhone running Roon, driving the Sennheiser HD26 Pro.
  15. iPaintCode

    WTB used Chord Poly

    Hello HF, Looking to buy a used Chord Poly. Thanks, Mark
  16. T

    Chord Poly Setup

    Hi I’ve just joined this forum and am desperate for help I’ve recently acquired a chord poly had the mojo for a while now and love it then chord just released the poly which is a great product on paper but I’m struggling to set it up for dlna playback over my home network I’ve searched all over...