1. BPED

    FS: Price Drop! ATC CDA2 mkII - CD/pre-amplifier/DAC/headphones amp

    Hello, I moving to streaming so I decided to sell my fantastic ATC CDA mkII: CD/pre-amplifier/DAC/headphones amp from ATC. In perfect conditions, with remote control, power cane and documentation. I don’t have the original box as it was quite big and flimsy, but I will package it with great...
  2. J

    What's a good digital CD player in 2017

    Hi! I am looking for a cheap CD player with a digital output. I am using the sennheiser HDVD 800 DAC/amp, so the DAC in the CD player is no use for me. However, a dedicated transport is way too expensive. I wonder if a cheap bluray player really produces high jitter that result in noticeable...
  3. wolfmath

    CD player

    I'm looking for a CD player with very specific features. Optical Out (not necessary if it's got a good on-board DAC) Compact design in width (12" wide or narrower. I think standard width is 17") Ability to switch 120V to 220 V Under $300 (I can be a little loose with this) Something like this...
  4. wolfmath

    CD Player Recommendation

    I'm looking for a CD player with very specific features. Optical Out (not necessary if it's got a good on-board DAC) Compact design in width (12" wide or narrower. I think standard width is 17") Ability to switch 120V to 220 V Under $300 (I can be a little loose with this) Something like this...
  5. wolfmath

    CD Player with Digital Out

    I've been looking for a CD player with digital output, preferably SPDIF/optical. I would like to be able to play CDs, but go through the good DAC that I already own. Does something like this exist, and is it affordable?
  6. jh4db536

    Emotiva ERC-3 CD Player SOLD

    Status = SOLD This unit met all MY expectations by beating every USB implementation (used as digital transport) out there at virtually any price level. This unit features Coax, Toslink, AES digital outputs. It also has an internal DAC with single ended/balanced outputs. The remote control is...
  7. Claritas

    Please recommend a solid CD player - max. $1700

    My old Harman Kardon CD player bought in c. 2000 finally died last night. R.I.P. old friend. So I need to buy a new CD player.   I would be most grateful for any helpful advice.   Price range: hypothetically up to $1700 (taxes included), but I'd rather not go much over a thousand if I can...
  8. calipilot227

    Tube CD Player?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've started a thread.   As many of you know, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool analog guy. However, I realized a long time ago that some of my favorite music simply isn't available on vinyl, and there's nothing I can do about it. So, I've got to occasionally make due...
  9. daniel0407

    Denon DCD 510 AE

    Hi!   I have a Denon DCD 510 AE as CD Player, I bought it for listening to music while at home. My headphones are the Sennheiser 598 HD.   Before the CD Player, I used an Ipod Classic 6G. I would like to read opinions of people that have the same player, or similar models.   Do you...
  10. hdablin

    Linux PC audio output device (in replacement for CD-player) for 300-500 USD

      I want to buy somenthing to replace my home CD-player (YAMAHA CDX-10000). I have many FLACs, and when I want to listen one of them, I need to write it on CD-R. It's not very useful, and I want to buy an equipment that allow me to connect my PC directly to AMP (via RCA) to listen FLACs...
  11. spickerish

    CD player as a source: some questions

    Hi everybody, I'm looking into the cd-player as source world and I could use some advice from you guys.   Currently my rig is: Computer--> Corda Cantate DAC/Amp --> Headphones   My music is ripped to 320 kbps, I found that when I listen to to a cd via my computer, it sounds a lot better...
  12. geneltd

    Result of Sound quality comparison: Apple IPT4 vs sony portable CD player EJ011 by RMAA

    Introduction: After I have learned to use RMAA software as a non-bias tools to measure audio gear performance, I have tested my ipod touch 4 and got incredible result. What if I want to further upgrade the portable source? As the ipt 4 is so good (technically), what I can think of is the...
  13. adam917

    Looking for a list of Discman/CD Walkman models by year/date & where they rank

    I recently purchased a used Sony D-E555 (not D-555) and am wondering where it sits in the product line. I can guess from the model number that it's probably one of the later flagship models but not the G-Protection ones. I am not very familiar with the flagships from before the introduction of...
  14. stvn6

    Question about 1st Generation ESP on Sony PCDPs

    Hello there!   I know a fair about portable CD players, but there is one topic of which I cannot any documentation.  I am wondering if the sound output is compressed in the old ESP method of skip protection on the older (mid 1990s) Discmen.  I know that the G-Protection and even the ESP-2...
  15. goodoldman

    Best headphone for rock music under $300

    I'll be using a Denon amp and a Denon CD player, but not a headphone amp, a normal amp for big speakers. It does have a socket for headphones though, which makes me think I can also use it with a good pair of headphones and get good results. Am I right?   If so, my budget for this is $300...
  16. 3602

    NOS CD players?

    Hi guys, Looking for a "vintage" PCDP. Would prefer NOS, but those are extremely rare, so just plain ol' used is fine. ALO is selling NOS D-25 Discman. Excellent. To me, the price is quite fine for what it is. I've contacted a guy who is selling a very old D-20 Discman (made in 1988)...
  17. Metallian

    NAD 7225PE or Marantz pm 4001?

    Hello! I've got a small problem. There are two amps I could afford (but can't try neither one ). One shop is selling NAD 7225PE and I've heard lots of good things about NAD amplifiers. The problem is, I can't find ANY kind of information about them. The shopkeeper says they're brand new. So...
  18. sun88489889

    Help? one cd player but two amplifier

    I have a Marantz sa8003 cd player. one music hall amplifier and one grado ra1 can i hook my cd player with my music hall amplifier, and then hook the pre output on music hall amplifier with grado ra1? would the tones be changed?   thank you
  19. 3602

    Please advise: a light lubricant for CD player mechanisms

    Hi guys, had my S370 (old Panasonic portable CD player) for about 14 years. About time I put some lube on the mechanism. The device uses the Sony-type mechanism, a jackscrew with two rails. Some of that white grease on the rails are still there (and lubricating), but the jackscrew and the...
  20. cosmos

    Amp Dac for AKG

    Hi, I am new to Head-Fi and this is my first post.  I recently purchased the AKG 701 headphones and I'm using my old Marantz 63 CD player to listen to music with the AKG's.  I'm considering purchasing the Little Dot DAC + Little Dot MKIII along with a Wadia transport+ I Pod to replace my...
  21. Mo06

    Advice sought on DACs/amps...

    Hi, I have been listening to music via headphones for years, have a Rotel amp which gives me very nice sound, an ancient pair of KEF speakers, as well as an old Luxman turntable and a Cambridge CD player.   I recently bought a pair of Shure SRH 840s, I like the sound of the 840s now that...
  22. brianjrealtor

    SONY WM-D6 power problem

    Hey all...   technical question here.    I have a SONY Walkman (WM-D6) that does not power up at all. I've heard it is probably going to need a DC-DC coverter part that is no longer available from Sony...   I have another walkman, the WM-F1 from the early 80's. Is the DC-DC coverter...
  23. broski

    looking for a vinyl player that also plays cds

    hey guys im looking for something i can play both my vinyl records and cds on. looking for something under $300. any recommendations??
  24. james0195

    Help me find a CD player for my mother?

    Ye, today she mentioned to me she wants a new cd player.  think her budget is £300 but think she will go to £500 ish for a really nice looking one.    She wants an all in one system, no seperate speakers, just the built in ones.  doesnt need ipod dock or anything like that. Just a decent...
  25. Frihed89

    Shameless plug for Audio Note CD player. Review comes later

    About a month ago, I bought an Audio Note CD3.1x/II Red Book CD player from the local AN shop in Copenhagen/Frederiksberg. It was the first one they sold, having just hit the streets. I have been looking at, listening to, and drooling over AN Dacs in this shop for many years, but the cost of an...