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  1. Nova Fidelity X35 All in one music solution

    Nova Fidelity X35 All in one music solution

    ESS ES9018K2M Sabre³² Reference DAC built-in Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor running at 1.0Ghz 2 separate high-performance Class D Amplifiers for left and right with total 200 watts High speed optical disk drive for quick CD ripping 7 inch TFT LCD(1024 x 600 pixels) screen for intuitive GUI...
  2. B

    FS: Price Drop! ATC CDA2 mkII - CD/pre-amplifier/DAC/headphones amp

    Hello, I moving to streaming so I decided to sell my fantastic ATC CDA mkII: CD/pre-amplifier/DAC/headphones amp from ATC. In perfect conditions, with remote control, power cane and documentation. I don’t have the original box as it was quite big and flimsy, but I will package it with great...
  3. Monolaf

    ...searching for CD/SACD player...

    Which is a very good CD / SACD player? I currently have a Sony DVP NS900V I think it can be a good, used player. I would like to take a very high quality, which is cheap to get though. ;-) He should play CD / SACD, if possible Blue Rays and possibly have an XLR output. However, these DVD /...
  4. B

    Pro-ject CD Box RS, any thoughts?

    Hi guys, this is my very first post on head-fi. First a brief introduction of my background: I became an audiophile 2014 when i first started with my AKG K702 and a Cambridge DAC Magic + a DIY Amp. Later because of moving, I sold all my equips and last year I picked up this hobby again...
  5. F

    Looking for a New Hi-Fi micro system with CD , DAB+ , FM etc £150 limit.

    Hello Firstly I would like thank everyone here who helped me find my headphones (Audio-Technica ATH-M40x ) My question is I am looking a new Hi-Fi micro system with CD , DAB+ , FM etc. I am looking for a something that can fit on bedside cabinet with speakers etc. I also want to make that...
  6. ZMG885

    (SOLD) FS: Denon DVD-2910 DVD-A SACD Player

    Selling my Denon DVD-2910 if anyone is looking for a decent transport. I bought this new when it came out, and it saw little use as I moved to Bluray a few years later. I never really gelled with it's Denon house sound, so I began to run it through Mimby. I have the player, remote, manual...
  7. fkeufss


    For sale the Unison Research Unico CD player in a very good condition. The cd player functions perfectly. The internal software has been upgraded by the official dealer. The CD got also regular checks from the official dealer. CD drive has been replaced with a new TEAC driver. No scratches, no...
  8. A

    Need help with Sony Discman D-F181

    So recently I have found an old Sony Discman model D-F181. I tried to use it but it seems it's unable to play CDs. Whenever I put a disc in, it spins for a few seconds then it just gives up and shuts down. I tried putting a toothpick on the cover hatch thingy so that I can take a look inside and...
  9. mysticstryk

    WTB: CD Player (Arcam, Sony, Denon, etc)

    Looking for a CD player in good working condition. For example, something from Arcam, old Sony's and Denons, etc.
  10. zhaoziqi123

    FS: Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player

    Hello I am selling my Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary Edition SACD & CD Player.It's in good condition and works perfectly. I would like to ask for USD 999 + shipping fees and I will cover the Paypal good fee. Let me know if you have any question. Best.
  11. Rickey®

    Portable Discmans

    Anyone still enjoy listening to older Sony Discman's or Panasonic portable CD players? I think some of them sound quite good especially via line out to my older Headroom Micro Amp..