cayin n6ii
  1. F

    LF: CAYIN N6II with any motherboard A1 or T01

    Planning to buy Cayin N6II 2nd hand only with good condition seller should shouldered the paypal and shipping fees.
  2. DrumSeb

    Cayin N6ii (SOLD Trade)

    Cayin N6ii with new Dignis case In really great condition, come with all accessories and box. Motherboard: T01(no box) E01 with box E02 with box Including a sandisk 200gb I'm asking 1470$ US (shipping and paypal on you, or as friend and familly) You save more then 470$ US as new.. Im selling...
  3. leaky74

    PLEASE DELETE - Hobby Exit Sale: Cayin N6ii/E02, EE Valkyrie (SOLD), oBravo erib-1a, oBravo HAMT3 Mkii

    Due to some unexpected motoring costs, I may unfortunately need to raise some cash in short order! :frowning2: So, I’m looking to gauge interest in the following items: - Cayin N6ii with E02. As new, end of April ‘20: £860 - Empire Ears Valkyrie. Mint with remaining warranty: £900...
  4. leaky74

    FS: oBravo erib-1a

    Due to some unexpected motoring costs, I’m unfortunately having to raise some cash in short order! :frowning2: The final item I have for sale are a pair of oBravo erib-1a. As new, April ‘20 (great synergy with the N6ii-E02). 2.5mm balanced cable and all packaging/accessories included...
  5. DrumSeb

    E02 ( sold )

    Removed from sale
  6. DrumSeb

    Cayin T01

    Cayin motherboard T01 No box, but come with the screw driver. 200h burn-in. I'm asking 240$ with shipping to US. I'm located in Canada, and i have many good feedback. Thank you
  7. Vitaly2017


    Hi all I am selling my cayin n6ii which is in perfect condition no damages no scratches. Reason of sale is I owm wm1z/Romi and while my dap was in the shop I had to get a temporary dap to play around. Now after mint and deep tests I conclude that I love my wm1z more and no need for me to have...
  8. AspettiSignore


    Hello all, Up for sale is the A01 Audio Motherboard for Cayin N6ii (CARD ONLY, WITHOUT DEVICE). This motherboard sounds quite alright but at the same time offers a tonality that's too similar to my lotoo so I'd like to sell it/trade with a mint T01 motherboard. As you can see the motherboard...
  9. R


  10. Loke13


    Hi. For sale motherboards for Cayina N6II E02 and A01. A01 bought from dap, E02 bought on May 9. Both in great condition. E02-Sold A01- 150e + ship+ pp fees
  11. DrumSeb

    Cayin E02 SOLD!!!!!

    Brand new E02, for sale im in Canada. I can do a bit of a discount as the module is brand new, and that i have to pay for customs fees and shipping to Canada. 380$ With Paypal fees include. You can buy with confidence, i have many good feedback. Thank you
  12. kubig123

    SOLD: Cayin N6ii T01 - Mint Condition with Dignis case

    I'm selling my Cayin N6ii, with T01 Audio Motherboard, in mint condition, it comes with a brown Dignis leather case. I've used it mostly at home, no dents or scratches, everything is perfect, like new.
  13. Loke13


    Hi. For sale cayin n6II in a set with A01 and T01 motherboards. Full set, box, cable, case, adapter etc. SOLD
  14. DrumSeb

    Cayin A01 module

    Letting go the A01 module only (without box) Im located in Canada. Asking 175$ US Thank you
  15. Loke13


    Hi. I put up for sale motherboard E01 for cayina n6II. Card bought at the beginning of February 2020 at hifigo. I will upload photos in the evening. Edit: I'm interested also trade for cayin T01 motherboard
  16. R

    Questyle QPM qp2r vs Cayin N6II vs R2R2000 red

    I am not a pro in hifi, I own the Wm1a as a friend sold it to me when I wanted a dap for my iems (Jh lola/campfire atlas). Today I tried out some demos from different brands, after listening to the r2r2000 red, pure SQ wise, I found it way better than the wm1a, when listening to love songs, I...
  17. NYanakiev

    FS: Cayin N6ii HI-FI Android player bundle (A01+T01+E01 cards)+genuine leather case

    Cayin N6 MK2 (aka N6ii) with Audio Motherboard A01+ T01+E01+genuine leather Dignis case Bought from authorized UK dealer Cayin N6ii (A01 amp/dac module) RRP £999 Cayin T01 amp/dac module RRP £289 Cayin E01 amp/dac module RRP £339 Dignis leather case RRP £98 Cayin debuts a new Android-based...
  18. leaky74

    [SOLD] Cayin N6ii (A01)

    Interest check: I’m considering selling my N6ii in excellent condition (screen is pristine and the device has been used its case and transported in a hard case). Would consider exchange plus cash for Chord Mojo.
  19. loplop

    Sold! Cayin N6ii A01/T01

    Up for sale is my N6ii with both stock A01 and T01 modules. Purchased 10/7/2019 from an authorized dealer in the USA. Player and extra T01 module are in fantastic shape--I see no marks or marring anywhere, except one mark on the leather case near the volume wheel. No scratches on the glass...
  20. leaky74

    WTS A01 Motherboard or Trade for T01 (Cayin N6ii)

    Looking to sell my A01 motherboard or ideally trade for T01. Ping me a note if interested.
  21. goaud27

    Hifiman R2R2000 Red vs Cayin N6II vs Sony WM1A

    I am looking for an upgrade to my HM601 R2R DAP. After reading some hundreds of pages of forums and reviews, these three seem to be the most regarded DAPs in 1500$ region. The R2R2000 Red seems to loose to other 2 in almost every possible way, despite the sound (no EQ, no hardware buttons...
  22. R

    (Found) Cayin N6ii / N6 Mk 2

    Hello, I want to buy a Cayin N6ii. Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  23. jaker782

    **SOLD**: Cayin N6ii DAP

    I've decided to sell my Cayin N6ii purchased brand new from MusicTeck a few weeks ago. It is in excellent condition cosmetically and functionally. I've only charged it twice, so it is basically like new. I will include the following with this sale: - Cayin N6ii - All original accessories and...