cayin i5
  1. frost15

    [FS] Cayin i5 + Leather Case - First Owner, excellent condition

    For sale is a Cayin i5. I loved this device and enjoyed every minute of playback, but I got a better DAP so I finally decided to sell it. Condition: Used for aprox 280 hours. NM physical condition. The screen protector has a few scratches but the real screen is in perfect condition. The extra...
  2. Chris Lee

    2.5 hour Comparison test at China Store of 80% of Daps on the Market (incl. recently released models)

    Sorry for my poor English. I know it’s hard for people to test out DAPs in North America due to lack of stores selling these Chinese daps. For your convenience, I just visited a headphone store in Beijing, China where they sell several different daps from Cayin, Questyle, Luxury & Precision...
  3. The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black

    The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black

    The many cables of the ifi iDSD Black Having owned this since late April, (thank you so much Pat for the opportunity to use and review this product!) I have had the pleasure of using this DAC with various home and portable audio products. Since there are so many reviews dealing with this...