1. 4nradio

    **SOLD** Massdrop Cavalli CTH Amplifier with Extra Tubes and 28V Acopian Linear Power Supply

    This is a very nice Massdrop Cavalli CTH Amplifier with all original items and carton, plus extra Genalex Gold Lion and Mullard (NOS) tubes, and an Acopian linear power supply that provides a nice "black" background beyond the pedestrian, stock switching power supply's performance. The Gold...
  2. wormsdriver

    SOLD *** Cavalli CTH + SDAC

    For sale is a great condition Cavalli CTH + Sdac amp/dac. Comes with stock tube, power supply and original box for safe transport. Sounds great but I don't need it. $189 shipped and paypal included in the U.S.
  3. alphameridian0

    FS: Cavalli Liquid Spark Mint/Like New

    For sale is a Cavalli Liquid Spark in mint condition. Not much else to say about it. Have only used it for about 70 hours or so. Asking $85 shipped! Can be paired with a Modi 2U in black for +75 Modi 3 in silver for +80 HD580 for +115
  4. juanix

    [SOLD] Cavalli Liquid Platinum

    Selling an excellent condition Cavalli Liquid Platinum I purchased on Amazon last year. Didn't use it very much since I had other amps that I was testing. Includes 3 additional sets of tubes: Siemens, Tungsram PCC88, and Amperex Orange Globes. I can also provide the original receipt for...
  5. Toob-Toob

    SOLD: Massdrop X Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH)

    Selling a 'like new' Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH). Original owner, purchased new October 2019. $OLD shipped lower 48.
  6. Toob-Toob

    WITHDRAWN: Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH)

    Selling a Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH). Original owner, purchased October 2019. Like new. It comes with all original packaging. Retails for $250; selling for $135 shipped lower 48.
  7. nickwin

    FS Cavalli - Monolith Liquid Platinum Amplifier Or trade for THX AAA -$SOLD

    SOLD****I'm looking to trade my Monolith Alex Cavalli Liquid Platinum amplifier for a Drop THX AAA + $135. My LP is one owner, purchased from Monoprice in March 2019. It is 100% as new and comes with everything it came with originally. I'm looking for a THX AAA in similar condition. I would...
  8. puck

    WTB Violectric V280

    I'm looking for a Violectric V280. Please let me know if you have one you'd sell. Thanks
  9. diegodesouza

    F/S Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp $175

    Up for sale is a Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp This is an open box, please see pictures, it is new condition, has not been broken in yet (has less than an hour of listening time) Free shipping and PayPal fee on me asking $155 OBO
  10. caecillius

    FS: Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid amp

    Too many amps so looking to clear some space. Includes a EH 6922 tube. Only about a dozen hours on it. $195 via Paypal. Shipping including for CONUS. Thanks for looking.
  11. Phantaminum

    SOLD: MCTH $135 shipped

    Selling a MCTH with two NOS Voshkod 6N23Ps. If you’re looking more from this amp I have a 6C8G adapter and a RCA 6C8G that I can bundle in for $160 shipped.
  12. Schwibbles

    SOLD: Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Spark

    SOLD!! Selling my Liquid Spark. I bought this amp new, earlier this year to use at work. It has only seen light use since. Only been used in a clean, non-smoking environment. I am selling because I just started going back to school full time and won't need a dedicated work setup for awhile. It...
  13. C

    WTB Liquid Platinum

    gently used condition
  14. Schwibbles

    Amp SOLD: Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum w/extra pair of tubes + More Tubes

    Amp SOLD! I am the original owner. Purchased directly from Monoprice in November, 2018. Since then, it was only my main amp for a couple months and seldom used after that. I would estimate it has been on for less than 200 hours. Due to the light use, it is in excellent condition. There are no...
  15. alphameridian0

    FS: Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid MCTH CTH

    Woops, posted in wrong forum, please close!
  16. TommyFro

    Price drop: Cavalli Liquid Carbon V1 w/ original packaging

    Looking to fund an upgrade so I've gotta sell some gear. The story with this unit is that it was meant to be used for shows but was just left in the box, hence no serial #. I purchased it NOS and put around 20 hours on it. Comes with all of the original accesories and a printed out manual. Will...
  17. monkeysixtysix

    FS: Massdrop CTH + SDAC Amp / DAC

  18. monkeysixtysix

    FS: Massdrop CTH + SDAC Amp / DAC

  19. Mrpolobrown

    Better DAC/AMP for Sundara and/or Ananda? Ifi Micro Black Label or Schiit MultiBit/Cavalli Tube CTH

    Hi, I currently have a Q701 paired with numark ican ido. I am thinking of upgrading and going to Ananda(s), or Sundara(s). I am thinking of pairing with the Ifi Micro Label or get both a Schiit Multibit DAC and Alex Cavalli Tube Hybrid Amp (CTH). Any thoughts on if this is a good upgrade...
  20. hiphophead07

    LF Balanced XLR Input Amp - Wells Audio Headtrip, Formula S, Cavalli Liquid Gold / Liquid Lightning MK II

    Hi, Will be driving an Abyss. PM me, I have $$ offers. Let's negotiate. Thanks, Miguel Gervassi
  21. heliosphann

    Monoprice Liquid Platinum w/socket savers (and rare tube option)

    For sale is a Monoprice Liquid Platinum balanced hybrid amp designed by Alex Cavalli. Purchased brand new and used under 100 hours. Unit is in like new condition and functions flawlessly. Only selling because I obtained a Liquid Crimson, which this amp is based off of. Otherwise I would never...
  22. lramirez1959

    SOLD Massdrop Cavalli Hybrid Tube Amp (CHT) New in box

    Outstanding Amp, Outstanding Price Sale: 200.00 Includes shipping to CONUS Ships from Laredo, Texas in 1 week tops Paypal fee not included. Paypal gift doable New in box No trades on this one, thanks Can´t upload photos, please PM and I will send them
  23. TommyFro

    SOLD Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon V1 + Surf Cables XLR Interconnects

    Selling my Cavalli Liquid Carbon V1 as I purchased a Questyle CMA400i and this does not get the use it deserves. Purchased it from a fellow Head-Fi member around a month ago. It is SN 448 and does not come with the original packaging but I will include a power cord. It sounds great and I'm...
  24. Wildcatsare1

    Sold_FS: Mint Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum_Sold

    I hate to sell my LP, I love this amp, but I’m in a cash crunch, the amp is virtually new, and will ship with the Stock Tubes, as well as a fantastic pair of NOS Amperex. $775 net to me including fees and shipping, the LP is currently $845.75 on Amazon, the Amperex Tubes were $70.00, so a...
  25. DRHamp

    *SOLD*: Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum Headphone Amplifier

    I’m selling my Cavalli Liquid Platinum headphone amplifier. I am the original owner and purchased it on release in November 2018. It will come with all of the original packaging which includes the power brick, manual, cloth bag, and the original 6922 tubes. The amp has about 200 hours on it, so...