1. n3gativ3

    SOLD: HIFIMAN Arya, 1.5m Cardas Clear XLR to 3.5mm

    Hifiman Arya $1250 USD or $1700 CAD 1.5m Cardas Cable 4 pin XLR to 3.5mm $200 USD or $270 CAD Hifiman Arya + Cardas Cable $1375 USD or $1865 CAD...
  2. S

    [SOLD] Rosson RAD-0 Cardas Corpse Cable - $119 shipped CONUS

    Hello, I returned my RAD-0 after about a week, so the cables are like new. They’re a Corpse Gravedigger custom Cardas cable made specifically for the RAD-0. $165 purchased from the website. Again, only used for about a week. I also have this cable pelican case which is sturdy and...
  3. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: Pangea 15' Headphone Extension Cable w/ Cardas Copper Wiring

    This is in like new condition and retails for $49.95 at Audio Advisor: Will ship in the USA for free. Also, Credit cards accepted with NO additional fee! I'll email you an invoice to pay securely online using any credit card, Pay or...
  4. tejanolibre

    Cardas "Clear" 3-Pin XLRs for HD800, HD800s and HD820 w/ The Best XLR Connectors that Cardas Makes !

    I have a "Mint" set of the Highly Desirable and Rarely Sold Cardas "Clear" 3-Pin XLRs for the Sennheiser HD800, HD800s and the HD820 Headphones and they have the Factory Terminated Custom Made XLR 3-Pin Connectors that can truly be described as "Audio Jewelry" and nothing else is a better term...
  5. Todd

    More Used Gear added at!

    We are continuously adding awesome products to our Used/Sales Gear category We have accumulated some very fine used products and have them available for you with great savings! Chord Hugo TT2 Used This Hugo TT2 was used for less than 45 days. It is in like new condition. Only...
  6. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: Cardas GraveDigger Corpse Cable for AUDEZE LCD2 LCD3 LCD4 LCDX LCDXC / ZMF / 4-Pin XLR / 10ft

    This is an amazingly good 4-pin balanced XLR cable for Audeze or ZMF headphones because it uses Cardas litz wiring! In new condition. Retail is $225. Price includes free USA shipping. Credit cards accepted with NO additional fee! I'll email you an invoice to pay securely online using any...
  7. moeagaru

    (SOLD) Cardas Crosslink 1I Balanced Interconnects | XLR3 1.5ft Pair

    Hello! I've elected to sell my pair of mint condition, fully functional Cardas Crosslink 1I Balanced XLR-3 interconnects. Originally purchased in March from Corpse Cable, they've been used lightly on occasion for testing/comparison but have spent most of their time since stored back in their...
  8. ecapsretliab

    (SOLD) Audioquest Nighthawk / Cardas Cable

    Audioquest Nighthawk Original liquid wood version with upgraded 1.5m Cardas Clear Light Cable worth 370usd. Condition 8/10 (Small chip on metal, other signs of use but nothing serious.) Will be missed but need the funds for other priorities. Free shipping anywhere. Paypal fees...
  9. LoryWiv

    SOLD: Price Reduced: iFi iCan Pro Amplifier

    Extremely powerful, versatile, balanced amplifier with Solid State and Tube modes, X-bass, and 3D Holographic (Crossfeed) options. The amp. is in excellent condition. I used it happily for 2 years but need to offset cost of purchases at this year's CanJam. Original packaging, I will also include...
  10. zek4u

    Sennheiser HD800S Headphones - Cardas Clear Balanced Cable

    4/11/19: Cardas cable sold. Now just the headphones are for sale. . I really don't want to let these go but I've invested too much in my 2 channel system lately and these headphones just aren't seeing any use. They are in excellent condition. I really can't see anything wrong with them at...
  11. P

    *SOLD* Cardas Audio Clear Sky XLR 1.5m Interconnects

    Set of Cardas Clear Sky XLR 1.5m interconnects. Purchased from authorized BE dealer in Aug 2018 (Retail: 670 EUR). The cables are in mint condition and original packaging, certificate and purchase invoice are included. Price includes shipping (beware that USA delivery will take a while due to...
  12. wenbinbin2010

    FS: 10 ft/3 m Moon Audio Silver Dragon 1/4" (mini-XLR for Audeze, ZMF, etc.)

    Moon Audio Silver Dragon 1/4" (10 ft/3 m) - $250 Prices include PayPal fees and shipping. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Moon Audio Silver Dragon:
  13. Mediahound

    [SOLD]: Official Audeze 1/4" to 1/8 Adapter - New!

    I think this is probably made by Grado for Audeze since it looks identical. It however has the Audeze logo on it, which is so choice. It's this one: Brand new, never used. Audeze will charge you $20 + tax and shipping...
  14. ES_EF

    FS: Moon Audio Blue Dragon Headphone Cable Set | Beyerdynamic T5p - T1 2nd Gen (& More) Balanced Desktop & 3.5mm - 1/4" Mobile | Blue Jeans RCA & Speaker Cables | Benchmark - Canare XLR TO RCA Cable

  15. Rhamnetin

    [FS] Corpse Cable RCA Coaxial Digital Cable (Cardas Rhodium RCA connectors, 1.5')

    Selling a 1.5' Corpse Cable RCA Coaxial Digital cable, which uses Cardas Rhodium plated RCA connectors. It is in like-new condition, purchased on August 11 2018 from Corpse Cable's Ebay store, but it was hardly ever used since I ended up needing a longer length and had to get another cable...
  16. Vaiet

    [FS] Custom Art Ei.XX

  17. angpsi

    [Sold] Sennheiser HD650 & Cardas Cross cable 3m 1/4'' 6.4mm jack, sold separately or as bundle [EU]

    Selling my Sennheiser HD650 in excellent aesthetic and functional state. Purchased from in January 2015 (see invoice), I'm the second owner. Headband and pads in very good condition, minor tear on one edge of the case (see 1st photo, on the left of the hinge). Unfortunately the outer...
  18. chrisjepson

    10' Cardas Headphone Cable for HD580 / HD600 / HD650 (1/4")

    Selling a custom, hand-terminated, 10 foot Cardas cable for use with Sennheiser HD 580, HD 600, and HD 650 headphones. This is a more durable and slightly stiffer cable than the newer cable. 10' and terminates to a 1/4" plug. $100 shipped in CONUS.
  19. Rish732

    SOLD_FS: VE Zen black - with cardas BALANCED XLR cable - 4 pin + Adapter

    Hello all! A lovely Zen Black from Venture Electronics. A brilliant earbud that I bought when I had a balanced system and just don't have the peace to sit down and listen to anymore (I have 2 boys under the age of 5). Used less than 10 hours so I need to find it a good home. It's perfect...
  20. gonzalo1004es

    [SOLD] HD600 Cardas cable

    I'm selling my 1,5 m. HD600 Cardas cable.
  21. gonzalo1004es

    SOLD_Sennheiser HD600, Pelican case, Cardas and Forza Audioworks cables

    Hi! I'm selling my HD600 headphones, Pelican case, Cardas cable and balanced Forza Audio works cable (dual XLR). Pads were changed a couple fo months ago and the headphones have been hardly used since. I can include original cable and box. I' like to sell this as a set before considering selling...
  22. ookic

    Interest check: Senn HD650 Gen 1 with Cardas Cable 3m

    Got a pair of black-driver 650's, a 3 meter (10 feet) Cardas cable with 1/4" TRS jack, and 1/4" --> 3.5mm Cardas jack adapter. I'm not sure what it's worth, now that the hd6XX is out on the market. I'd be willing to split them apart for someone who wants to pair the cable with their 'phones, or...
  23. Jussei

    SOLD: Cardas Clear - Sennheiser HD800(S) - 2M SE 1/4"

    Summer Sell-Off Spectacular! This summer I had time to get back into audio and I’ve acquired way too much gear along the way. I’m looking to get back down to a manageable amount of stuff. Id be happy to set up package deals if interested in multiple pieces. Prices for cabling below include USPS...
  24. MadMusicJunkie

    Cardas A8 w/ Bluetooth Receiver.

    These sound almost as good as the Campfire Audio Dorados, IMO. HOwever, I need to get rid of some headphones, and these faves are ones to go. Great for all day listening and superb bass. Very slight coloration that can be seen under certain light, but doesn't come out in a picture. But...
  25. [No title]

    [No title]

    Cardas solder flux paste and Oyaide SS-47 lead-free solder.