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  1. B

    Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 - First Impressions

    Have been using the Andromeda 2020 for close to 1 year and wanting to see how much improvement in bass the Solaris can get me. Got the Solaris last Saturday and my first impression is that Andromeda and Solaris are two different incomparable animals, not just the bass but the entire sound...
  2. elChefe

    SOLD:::Campfire Solaris SE

    SOLD::: Letting go of these beautiful, practically brand new, Campfire Solaris SE. Decided to focus more on full size headphones recently so these haven’t gotten much use and I’d rather put the funds towards something else. ULTRA LOW HOURS.. 5-10hours max on these. Stunning abalone, zero...
  3. T

    new Solaris OG or used Solaris SE?

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and looking for some help on Solaris (not sure if this is the right thread to ask and let me know if I should move this to elsewhere) I've been a long time user of UE TF10 (10 years) and love it for its timbre and didn't mind the V shape though I wasn't looking...
  4. Kevintj604

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Solaris - Mint Condition

    Wanting to sell my Campfire Solaris. Originally I was hoping in a trade for a Sony IER Z1R but can't find anything. Sold These are mint. No tips were used as I prefer Dekoni Bullets as opposed to the included Campfire Marshmallows & Final Silicones. Could also trade for the following in...
  5. royneo

    [Price Dropped] Meze Rai Penta - free worldwide shipping!

    Hi all, I'm selling off a Meze Rai Penta with all accessories, receipt and box included. Condition is about 8.5/10. There's a bit of wear on the edges and underneath of the IEMs. I have attached some pictures of my Meze Rai Penta to show its condition. The Mezes was purchased on 13th Sept 2019...
  6. elChefe

    ***SOLD*** ☀️Campfire Audio Solaris☀️ *Mint* plus Free ES100

    Do to the current situation, I’m putting my Campfire Solaris up for sale. They are in mint condition, comes with original box and all original accessories minus one pair of foam but I will replace them with brand new dekoni bullets and a bunch of new extra silicone tips. Comes with original...
  7. fallooffie

    *SOLD* WTS Campfire Audio Solaris IEM and other accessories

    SOLD Hello all. Getting back into car audio so I now have up for sale, original owner, excellent condition Campfire Audio Solaris IEM’s packaged with original cable, packaging/accessories along with more goodies! These were purchased new from Bloom Audio 8-21-19. The Solaris IEM’s are in like...
  8. chanman96

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris with original packaging (price drop)

    I purchased the Solaris pictured from a forum member in January 2020 along with a pair of Andromeda Golds. I like the AGs a bit better so I’m going to let these go. By my standards, I think the condition is very good but I’ll let you judge for yourself. The only blemish I see is some light...
  9. justsomesonyfan

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  10. royneo

    FS: Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote - free shipping worldwide [Price Dropped!]

    Hi all, I'm selling a good-condition Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote, bought on 26th Mar 2019. I would rate the IEM at 9/10. There are no scratches, blemishes on the IEM. This Xelento comes with full original packaging and accessories as pictured. This includes foam and silicon tips of varying...
  11. leaky74

    IEMs FS/FT

    Interest check for trades/sale on these IEMs: - oBravo erib-1a - oBravo Cupid - For the right trade, I could look at including my Cayin ‘N6ii I am particularly interested in Fearless Roland, pretty much any Empire Ears, 64audio U12t, TOTL QDCs, Hyla TE-5B, JH Roxanne, Sony IER-Z1R/M9, CA...
  12. R

    (Found) Campfire Audio Solaris

    Hello, Looking to buy CA Solaris IEMs. Please ping me if you have one for sale. EU region only. Thanks!
  13. C

    Need suggestions for newbie: a&k kann cube + campfire solaris

    Hi there, I am a newbie who has no experience on hifi audio devices before. I am thinking to buy my first one. After long searching, right now a&k kann cube+campfire solaris looks good to me. Would anybody give me some your thoughts about this combo? Really appreciate it. (Budget<$3K) My...
  14. R

    [Found] Campfire Audio Solaris

    Hello, Looking to buy a CA Solaris. PM me if you have one for sale.
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  16. royneo

    [SOLD] Campfire Andromeda CK Snow White (1/550) - Free Worldwide shipping

    Selling a limited edition Andromeda CK Snow White - only 1 of 550 in this world and that's all there is going to ever be! This Snow White edition comes with golden screws and I would rate the condition at 8.5/10. There are some user marks on the Andromeda CK housing but it's nothing drastic...
  17. rantng

    SOLD - FS [US] - Campfire Audio Solaris <15 hours

    Mint. I am the second owner. First owner had these less than 3 weeks, but had to sell to pay some bills. He had only burned them in about 10 hours. I’ve had these almost two weeks now and have only put an additional 2 hours on them. These just are not a good fit for my small ears/canals. All...
  18. royneo

    Campfire Andromeda - Free worldwide shipping

    Hi all, I'm selling a good-condition Campfire Andromeda v2, bought about a year ago. It comes with original packaging and full accessories including 3 pairs of Spinfits, 3 pairs of Foam tips and 3 pairs of Campfire silicon tips - 1 pair of Small, Medium & Large for each eartips. The small...
  19. bluebair

    *SOLD* Campfire Solaris: removed memory wire, extra carry case, symbio tips, and more.

    If youre here, you probably know what these are. These IEM's are my favorite audio product I have ever owned or listened to. This was purchased 12/7/2018, so it is still under warranty SN 203. Price is including shipping & paypal fees to the US. I threw in an extra campfire audio comet case...
  20. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris + 2.5MM Super Litz Cable

    Selling my Solaris and 2.5MM Super Litz Cable from Campfire Audio. The earphones are in great shape and come complete with the original box, case, mesh carrying pouch, tips and the 3.5MM Super Litz Cable. Small price drop and splitting out the cost for the Solaris + 3.5 MM cable vs 2.5 MM...
  21. silvahr

    Sold: ALO Audio Ref. 8 IEM balanced cable (MMCX - 4.4mm)

    ALO Audio Reference 8 IEM balanced cable (MMCX - 4.4mm) for Sony NW-WM1A/Z, ZX300, IBasso DX200/DX150 with Amp 8, etc. Used exclusively with Campfire Audio Andromeda. Bought November 2017 in ALO Audio online (imported from USA since I could't find it in any European store). For people outside...