1. Libr4

    *SOLD*[FS] Campfire audio VEGA

    Selling a Campfire Vega in Very good condition. No scrapes and wear anywhere.
  2. silvahr

    Removed: ALO Audio Reference 8 MMCX - 4.4mm (mint condition)

    ALO Audio Reference 8 MMCX - 4.4mm (for Sony NW-WM1A/Z, ZX300 and IBasso DX200 with Amp 4). Bought last November in ALO Audio online (mint condition). Excellent cable but I don't need to go balanced. Since I've paid customs fees, the price is only appealing to people inside EU/GB. Shipping...
  3. Libr4

    WTB Campfire VEGA (Closed)

    Looking to buy still in excellent shape CampFire Vega. I might pay extra for a Goodquailty mic cable if you have. Shipping to Canada. BOUGHT!
  4. Libr4

    (WTT) Trade me CFA Andromedas

    Looking to trade a brand new inbox and unlocked Iphone X. For a pair of andros, of course I might request more on my end.
  5. DaiLoDong

    {WTT/WTB} [H] PayPal [W] CA Andromeda

    I'm located in Canada. Preference goes towards a Jupiter + Paypal trade for the Andromedas. If you are just selling, I'm interested as well. Please list your price (or PM me) Preferably smoke-less, pet-less, kid-free homes. Pictures are now up.
  6. Medicake


    Hello all, Today I am downsizing my collection as I am currently in the process of buying a new car and would like to have the extra cash in case any emergencies pop-up. Regardless I'm looking to part ways with the following items: Please note these prices include shipping within CON-US AND...
  7. honeyjjack

    WTS Andromeda

    For sale are my andromedas with effect audio eros 2 in mint condition Pm me for pictures, more info and price nego. Offer me trades, esp high end daps, but mostly looking for cash to replace my lost laylas :frowning2:
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  19. KB

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    Following the success of the award winning Campfire Audio Jupiter quad balanced armature in ear monitor and the single driver Orion IEM, Campfire Audio is happy to announce the final development and preview pre release of the 2 totally new in ear monitor models at this years Axpona show in...
  20. Campfire Audio Andromeda

    Campfire Audio Andromeda

    Five balanced armature drivers and tubeless resonator in a machined aluminum enclosure. Designed and hand built in Portland, Oregon USA. Specifications Frequency Range: 10Hz-28kHz Sensitivity: 115 DB SPL/MW Impedance: 12.8 Ohm @1kHz Cable: Silver Litz cable, MMCX connection Accessories 1x...