campfire andromeda
  1. Kagerou

    DAC recommendations for Campfire Audio Andro 2020

    Hi everyone, as the title says, I'm looking for DAC recommendations for the CA Andromeda 2020. I've been exclusively using the Witch Girl 12 now for a couple years and am ready for a change, and I've always admired the Andromeda's aesthetics but never really liked the sound until the newest...
  2. B

    Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 - First Impressions

    Have been using the Andromeda 2020 for close to 1 year and wanting to see how much improvement in bass the Solaris can get me. Got the Solaris last Saturday and my first impression is that Andromeda and Solaris are two different incomparable animals, not just the bass but the entire sound...
  3. J

    Looking to Buy a Pair of Campfire Audio Andromedas

    I was browsing around Ali Express and I found these CA Andromedas being sold at half the price compared to the official site. I messaged the seller a couple of time and said that they are indeed original but they do not come with their original box. Here is a snapshot...
  4. C

    CA Andromeda Version?

    To which version does this box correspond?
  5. C

    Campfire Audio Andromeda Version?

    Which Andromeda version goes with this box?
  6. _DSC1464.jpg


  7. _DSC1462.jpg


  8. _DSC1461.jpg


  9. _DSC1449.jpg


  10. _DSC1398 (2).jpg

    _DSC1398 (2).jpg

  11. _DSC1395 (3).jpg

    _DSC1395 (3).jpg

  12. _DSC1388.jpg


  13. _DSC1383.jpg


  14. _DSC1379.jpg


  15. Audio46

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  16. S

    Campfire Andromeda Ideal Full setup advice

    Hi Audiophiles, This amateur music lover is in need of some advice from real experts / audiophiles who can help me lift up my musical experience to a higher level. So what is it that I'm looking for? To be able to receive the proper advice, I'll try to shed some light in a structured way on my...
  17. deafmutelame

    Shure SE846 vs. Campfire Audio Andromeda

    If you have been able to listen (even owned?) to both IEMs, please leave your impressions about these two beasts.
  18. M

    Help me choose matching balance cable with Andromeda and Sony zx300.

    Now I use Campfire Andromeda with 3.5mm stock Litz cable. I want to use 4.4mm balance cable with Sony zx300. In your opinion, which cable good match with both? Now I interest Alo Reference 8 is it good matching with them?
  19. S

    Campfire Andromeda users

    Hi Guys, After having read so many good reviews here, I ended up buying myself a pair of Andromeda's. I really love the sound of these but I haven't really been able to find the holy grail when it comes to comfort just yet. Just by looking at the headphones, the stock silicone seems to fit the...