1. rruupp

    CAD MH310/ Superlux HD662-f for casual listening?

    I have read really good reviews of this headphones from people who mix or produce music, but I would like to know if the CAD MH310/ Superlux HD662-f are also really good for casual listening. I mostly listen to rock (muse, led zeppelin, metallica, wolfmother, arctic monkeys, nirvana, etc.), but...
  2. A

    Best Circumaural and In-Ear Headphones for Rock- want low, mid and high to be reproduced accurately as it would be Live

    I have been searching the forums and have been unable to come to any certain conclusions.  It seems a lot of people say certain headphones would be good for a certain type of music and then I read a statement that is either contradictory or leads me to believe the other persons opinion would not...
  3. UberDubber

    CAD MH310 / Superlux HD662-F

    I just got three new CAD MH310 closed-back studio headphones.  I believe that they are rebranded Superlux HD662-F headphones.   My full review is here:   I will add more to that review once I fully...
  4. Sneerz

    Mods for CAD MH310 (Superlux 662F)

    Are there any mods that can improve the performance of these cans? They are really smooth, but quite flat even with a bass EQ. I was reading about some mods that can increase bass on other superlux models, but I have never modded headphones before, so I am unsure where to start.   Thanks. (I...
  5. drtturnip

    Looking for some "flatish" closed cans on the cheap? Cad mh310 (Superlux 662f variant ) first impressions.

    First the price. I paid 39 with free shipping from Nova Musik off ebay.   Comfort:- Been said before - strong clamping force. The pads are large but I wish there was a little more room inside for my largish ears. Out of the box not real comfortable but wearable.   The sound is impressive...
  6. fairlycrass

    Closed headphone recommendations, under $50.

    Looking for some advice on closed headphones.  My wife and I share a home office (3 feet apart), and I need something to drown out the little, distracting noises, so I would like something that is sealed well.  I listen to just about anything, music-wise, and appreciate decent sound.  I have...
  7. jakersy

    British Metalhead looking for an alternative to Beats.

    I'm looking for a pair o' cans that follow the same rules as beats, I want them sturdy, portable, attractive and while I don't want them to sound like garbage, I don't demand audiophile quality. Budget is around 50 USD. or 40 GPB. Thanks!
  8. Zach182

    Help choosing headphones

    Hello,   I am in need of finding new headphones. I currently have an iPod Touch 3rd gen with all ALAC files. I'm looking for a closed set and spend more or less $50. I listen to Punk and Ska, some bands are Blink 182 and side projects, NOFX, Sum 41, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Sublime...
  9. lorcar

    Sennheiser HD 380 pro: love it or hate it?

    hi guys i am in the market for a closed headphone, with replacable cable.  So far my eyes are on  Sennheiser 380 pro AKG 271   others are: Sennheiser 439 (but the cup are not in leather, which i prefer).    The 380 are the one I'd buy, even if I dont like the coiled cord. But...
  10. David2395

    Anything better then the mth- M50s or equally as good for less money?

    these headphone look phenomenal and I've heard they sound great but they are pretty pricy.
  11. dalle

    Looking for very closed headphones to use when my office is noisy.

    Hello   I already have the Panasonic RP-HTF600 for work. I sit in an open office and it would be nice to have some really closed headphones that could eliminate noise even when no music is playing.   What do you recommend. Must be cheap. Any Superlux models that are tightly closed?
  12. dcsquirrel

    Closed Headphones(Need advice plus info on an amp)

    Hello I am looking to buy a good pair of closed headphones. I am not an audiophile so bare with my descriptions. I listen to pop,rock and alternative occasionally rap. Bands I like include all american rejects, blink-182, mat kearney ect. but I like a clear crisp sound not a large quantity of...
  13. RMHowell

    Closed back headphones advice please.

    Hi, I've been looking around various websites for some closed back headphones (I need some for my sound tech course) in the region of £30-£50. There are so many results are it's kind of hard to tell which may be the best. I would appreciate if anyone could leave some closed-back headphones...
  14. wizeman

    Are the ath ad700s any good? Please help.

    Just to let everyone know from the start, I'm a complete headphone noob who just needs something to play games and listen to music. I've looked into this particular phone, and am starting to warm up to it. I can get it from amazon warehouse deals, like new, for 70 big ones, instead of the 90...
  15. Thadious James

    Incipio f38, Superlux HD681 (or 668), or Razer Orca's? HELP!

    I'm trying to choose between these headphones. I'm new to head-fi and looking for a pair of nice sounding headphones to get me started. My budget is $56. Also, no biased reviews, and only suggest headphones in this price range please!! Thank you!
  16. jigglywiggly

    Cheap headphones <50$, closed, and sound like dt-770

    So anyone know any headphones that are closed, and around 50$ or less and sound sort of like the dt-770?   i was thinking about these, also sound stage is fairly important...
  17. danex

    Good Headphones for under 60 dollars?

    I am in the middle of looking for my first actually good pair of headphones. I have been looking at some over the ear headphones for a while now, and I have come to a few choices so far, the Audio Technica ATH M35, the Sennheiser HD419, the Koss DJ Pro 100, and the Monoprice 8232 headphones. Can...
  18. 58224

    I Need Stereo Gaming on a Budget!

    Beyerdynamic DT770
  19. Perox

    50$ Budget Studio Monitor headphones?

    Hey guys, my Koss PortaPro's recently broke and I know that they're cheap, have colored sound and are bad for monitoring, but I didn't have an option and I monitored on them. I don't actually release and sell my music so I didn't care that much (I'm 14...). Now that they're broken, I need to get...
  20. CAD MH310 ( Superlux HD662 )

    CAD MH310 ( Superlux HD662 )

    The CAD mh310 is a closed over the ear headphone of exceptional value. It features a balanced frequency response with good bass extension and clear, if a bit aggressive, highs. It is a re-branded Superlux from the hd662 family.