1. fra107

    Burson HA-160 or MF X-Can V3 for my Sennh HD650?

    Somebody tried both?   My actual setup is:   Asus Xonar Essence (Burson Opamps) Audioquest King Cobra cable Musical Fidelity X-can V3 (Diy PSU) Sennheiser HD-650 (Cardas cable)   I would like to upgrade my setup, is the burson better that the X-can v3? Maybe can you suggest...
  2. cybertec69

    Burson HA-160

    Just received my Burson HA-160, which uses RCA cables for connection, now how do I connect it to my Cable/Satellite receiver, or my SC-07 Receiver "so the signal would pass thought to the Burson", I connected it to the red white audio connections in the back of the satellite receiver but am...
  3. cybertec69

    Burson HA160 and AKG 702 question

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and high end headgear, now my question is this, I own a pair of AKG 702'S which I am currently using powered through my Pioneer SC-07 receivers headphone jack, and also my Integra's DTC 9.8 pre/pro headphone jack, powered by an Outlaw 7x200Watt Amp, now I see...
  4. metrathon

    Found $1,000. What to do with it?

    What’s the best bang for the buck, if I have HD 650 + $1,000?   That is, should I get transporter + dac/amp or go simply for an all-in-one cd player (Marantz etc). What’s gonnna give me the best sound in this budget?   Please keep in mind using laptop/ipod/desktop as a transporter is...
  5. classakg

    Free Burson HA-160? Did you know?

    Hey guys, did you know they are giving away a HA160 for free here:   http://www.frontendaudio.com/Articles.asp?ID=196 Only a few days left worthwhile to try your luck Happy listening.
  6. snaps11

    HD650 AMP

    Hello, Im going to get a pair of hd650s whats the best combo?  Was looking at the headroom micro desktop amp and was going to get the micro dac eventually to go with it.  Is this good or is there a better choice for the same price?  Thanks   Edit:   Budget $400 for amp only

    Which amp for the following headphones is the best?

    Wooaudio 6, Burson HA 160, Mad Ear + HD, or your suggestion.   Which will provide the best SYNERGY with the headphones below?   Grado RS1i, Denon D7000, AKG K701 will be the headphones.   Thank you buddies.
  8. audio-hunter

    Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???

    Hi guys..   need some suggestion (+/-) about an under $1000 single ended amp...   Which is have the most detailed and transparent sounding, and best match for HD650.. Burson HA160 / Meier corda concerto / Graham slee SRG II / Lehman BCL / Beta22 2or3 Channel???       Thanks,
  9. MLJ1764

    DAC to Pair With Burson Audio HA-160 (Or good amp and DAC pairing, in general)?

    Hey everybody,   I'm new to the forum here but have been listening through headphones for several years. Being a grad student (i.e. financially challenged), I find that they are about the best way I can enjoy my music and neither break the bank nor aggravate my fellow apartment dwellers.  ...
  10. Elanoir

    Help choosing DAC

    Hello, building a set, and right now I have cleared out what to buy (except a DAC)   Sennheiser HD800 Burson HA-160 (amp) DAC Help me out! Give me your experience with your DAC  
  11. Schokolade bar

    Arrow 4T + Headstage Micro dac vs O2/Lyr/ HA 160

    I wanted to know if my current setup would be improved by changing the gear to some common stacks I've seen on the forum. I am using the HD650, UM3x, and K702 mostly on my current setup and find the K702s lacking some power from the Arrow, which is problematic considering that they are probably...
  12. cifani090

    If you could own ONE amp it would be ____?

    What is your favorite amp that was the one that you wish you would of bought first?
  13. dudefromearth

    What amps do you recommend for the Sennheiser HD800

    I am willing to spend 800 euros/1,000 dollars for them, maybe a but more but not over the top.   Also, will the amps come pre built? I cannot assemble them myself.  
  14. Titleesq

    Burson Audio HA 160 or Luxman P-1u

    Hello, total newbie here. In fact this is my first post. I am currently in the market for my very first full size amp and have narrowed it down to these two. If anyone has had a chance to listen to both, your feedback will be GREATLY appreciated. Even if you just have an opinion as to which of...
  15. Stylus_K

    Hotaudio Extasy Dac + ERGO AMP1 + K701 ==> New amp needed?

    G'day all!   I've been running this setup for quite a while now. When I bought the amp there wasn't much else around (in Oz).   Do you think something like a Matrix-M Stage or Burson HA-160 would be a step up? Or should I follow the stampede to a Heed Canamp?   I've had a hard...
  16. Stylus_K

    ##please disregard

    I swear I just posted this then *poof* it disappeared... Anyway, I've been running this setup for quite a few years now (minus the dac which is new)   I've seen very few comparisons with the ERGO Amp1. Would it be a major step up to go to a Matrix M-stage or Burson HA-160? or should I...
  17. Mr Joboto

    Audio-GD C2 or Burson HA160?

    I've read a fair bit through a lot of threads on these two amps, and not wanting to corrupt the dedicated threads of each of these products, I thought I'd start another one to ask my questions and hear comparisons.   I've got myself a Compass as my current DAC/amp and am looking to upgrade...
  18. MomijiTMO

    Burson Audio HA-160 Review

    Burson HA-160 Review       My Background I guess I started my audio quest in September last year so I don’t have many years of experience under my belt. I am just the simplest of the simple minded folk who enjoy their music but don’t wish to pursue it as a profession. Listening to...
  19. bhanja_trinanjan

    Review: BURSON Headphone Amp 160 and AKG K702 combo

    Introduction:   Burson Audio (http://bursonaudio.com/) is an emerging Australian company, which designs and manufactures high end audio gear. In a thoroughly competitive market, where there is no dearth of choices when it comes to audio components, Burson designers claim to build their...
  20. sp3llv3xit

    Burson HA-160

    Hi guys,   I am selling my Burson HA-160.  I acquired it from its original owner, Marcus Downey of www.headfonics.com at the price of USD $570.00.  Now I am letting it go for $450.00 -- shipping included.   The unit itself is as good as brand new.  Apparently, the original owner did know...
  21. sionghchan

    Wow - K701/702 amped by Burson HA-160 fed by HRT Music Streamer II+

    All,   I know, I'm late to the game, but as I have stated in many of my previous posts, I had left the Headphones world for a good many years and concentrated speakers.  However, lately (over the last 2 months), I am coming back into headphones because I have two young children learning...
  22. Nautique

    Xonar Essence STX + Burson HA-160 - How to connect?

    Hey everybody, nice forum!  I have a pair of Denon AH-D5000, wich I've used with Xonar Essence STX for over a year now. Recently, I came over a nice offer of a used Burson HA-160, so I bought it. Hopefully to get more out of my headset. I understand that the Burson HA-160 does not have a...
  23. Shockah

    Woo Audio WA6 vs Burson HA-160 for HD 600

    Hi, been lurking on head-fi for a long time and I intend to get a pair of Sennheiser HD 600 cans but remain undecided on which amp I should use. Both the wa6 and HA-160 are around the same price range and both seem well received. However, I intend to upgrade to the Audeze lcd-2 in the (not so...
  24. sionghchan

    Burson HA-160 Owners: Which H/P Jack Do You Use?

    Hello my fellow Burson HA-160 Owners,   I know, the HA-160 has since fell out of favour and is no longer the FOTM (taken over by the Soloist), however, I still find it to be an incredible amp for dynamic headphones.  I have finally upgraded from a Meier Audio Corda Aria to the HA-160 as I...
  25. Burson Audio HA-160

    Burson Audio HA-160

    The HA-160 is an uncompromising reference class headphone amplifier packed with Burson technologies, Burson refinement and Burson passion. Specifications Input impedance: 47 KOhms Frequency response: 5Hz (-0.3dB) to 35 kHz (-1dB) Signal to noise ratio: >98dB at 0dB gain THD: <0.001% at 6mW/300...