1. kenwood1

    AKG Q701 with the Darkvoice 336 be a good fit?

    Hi all, Would the Darkvoice 336 be a good fit with the AKG Q701? (would the Matrix M-stage be a better fit?) My dac is a Rega (on the dark, analog side) with Kimber PBJ cables. Thanks.
  2. buson160man

    rediscovering a old friend the akg 701 a new found appreciation

      I have had my akg 701s for three years and I have recently rediscovered them after I upgraded the power cord on my burson ha-160 amplifier.I saw  a close out on a nordost brahma power cord at music direct earlier this summer.I like almost everybody else have fallen under the spell of the...
  3. Wingzero

    Denon AH-D7000 New Amp Recommendation Needed

    So guys, had my D7000's for a while now very impressed.       I run them through a Zero Dac 24bit 96Khz AMP/DAC through USB to my MacBook.   Was wondering it you guys could recommend me a new AMP which would provide a better sound than my current DAC/AMP for not very much money...

    FS: Burson HA-160

    Up for sale is my Burson HA-160 AMp in Mint condition.  Only reason for sale is due to upgraditis has taken me by storm.   Beautiful sounding Amp with my HD600/650 and AKG's. Hate to sell it but to many Amps...Comes complete Burson Box/paperwork and power supply both US and EU cords.    ...
  5. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  6. Mr.Tom

    Burson 160 for $560.?

    Seems like a good deal! Is it?   pcX Parts Connexion email claims, B-stock/demos for HA-160 @ $560.
  7. GlennGulda

    DAC+ AMP Hifiman HE 500

    My budget is 200-350 euro, for a box that has both things.   I'd like one that is praised by many users, as to not buy something that might not suit my tastes.   I listen 80% classical music, 20% metal.
  8. Jacky1028041

    DAC for Burson HA-160?

    Can anyone suggest a decent DAC for the Burson amp please? I am thinking about getting a burson amp, not sure if i should go for the 160DS, or to get a DAC + HA-160.   Many thanks 
  9. iim7V7IM7

    AKG K 702: I have a HeadRoom Micro Amp and Want to Upgrade, <$1,000

    Hi,   I purchased a set last week with a HeadRoom Micro Amp.  I have a very good DAC in my audio interface (RME Baby Face) which is hooked to my iMac via USB 2.0.  I am considering returning my Micro Amp and replacing it with a "better" amp. By better I am seeking a transparent, neutral...
  10. mac336

    Warm, musical vs cold, analytical DACs

    From my time on the forums on head-fi, I keep hearing DACs being referred to as either sounding cold and analytical, giving good detail in the music; or warmer and more musical sounding.   It seems as for DACs under the $500, often you have to choose one at the expense of the other (atleast...
  11. underhysteria

    Which of the following combinations would you go for the LCD-2s?

    Currently considering an upgrade to my DAC-->Amp setup for my upcoming LCD2s. I dont have much cash to spare so im looking the most bang for the buck to maximize the potential of the audezes. I am torn between the Burson and Schitt since many have claimed that they pair well with the audeze. I...
  12. ro9ue

    Headphone amp upgrade for HD 650 and Xonar Essence STX

    Hello!   I'm opting to get a decent amp for HD 650s. I'm currently using Essence STX sound card which is surprisingly good as an amp but I'm looking for an upgrade. Budget is $700ish and current prospects are Burson Audio HA-160, Musical Fidelity M1 and Graham Slee Solo Ultra-Linear. This...
  13. mbnt

    Need a headphone amp for HE-500s…

    Hi again.   So I bought the HiFiMan HE-500s. and since this is coming out of a Mac pro with optical out, I needed an amp with at least one optical in.  I bought a NuForce Icon HDP, but I'm not really feeling the love from this amp.   I'm looking for a somewhat powerul headphone amp with...
  14. singh

    Musical fidelity M1 HPA vs other (< $900) Amps

    The Musical fidelity M1 HPA  has be out for some time now , but i cant find a review thread / impressions abut the same .   So how does the Musical fidelity compare to other (around ) $900  amps ?   a very strong and proved contender is the Burson audio HA-160 , i appreciate direct...
  15. cjohnson


    PARTS CONNEXION is extremely pleased to announce an incredible deal on BURSON AUDIO's HA-160 Headphone Amplifier. We bought in BULK to get the best pricing… and are passing the savings on to you!!   BURSON AUDIO HA-160 Headphone Amplifier  50% OFF!!   NEW, Sealed Box, A-Stock, Full Warranty...
  16. Fickle-Friend

    DAC recommendations under $1000?

    Hi All,   I'm about to sell up some of my old kit and invest into a pair of Audeze LCD2s and the Burson Audio HA-160. I would like DAC recommendations please? I will be using a computer set up. Will have about $1k to play with.   Kind regards,  
  17. snaps11

    Burson Soloist and Burson DA-160

    Up for sale is my Burson Soloist.  This unit was purchased directly from Burson Audio.  It has very  low hours on it and is in factory mint condition.  The unit comes with all the original manuals and boxes.   If paired with as a combo deal I will include a Burson da-160 w/ TI DAC for $999.99...
  18. Duncical

    PRICE DROP* Schiit Bifrost USB

    Bifrost with USB for sale perfect condition. No uber upgrade, no usb upgrade original owner. 
  19. Duncical

    Schiit Bifrost + Burson HA160 Free shipping and fees

    I'm selling my burson HA160 and my Schiit Bifrost (USB) as a combo package, they really sound great together and shine with HD650s. I would say they are in pristine condition, I'm the original owner I have the original packaging as well. I would say I put around 150 hrs on them maybe a touch...
  20. Xanthos

    Best solid-state headphone amplifier for around $800 or less

    I've been doing a lot of research on solid-state headphone amplifiers in this price range and my head is spinning on which to choose. From the Blue Circle HPT, Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear, SPL Auditor, Burson Audio HA-160, and even less expensive options like the Matrix M-Stage, there are just...
  21. enigma211088

    Heed CanAmp Suitable For HD800?

    I've been looking for a fairly cheap amp for my HD800's. I currently use them in conjunction with my Fiio E7/E9 combo. What can I say, I bought those for my Denon D7000 :) As expected I'm left with a very thin and bright sound which doesn't even put the HD800's in the same league as the HD650's...
  22. gmahler2u


    Hi.   I'm a new at this headphone, I'm trying to get HD800,LCD2, HE500. i'm looking for around 500$ ish headphone amp.   Thanks  
  23. rmilewsk

    Burson HA-160

    I am selling my Burson HA-160 headphone amplifier. I am the first owner of this amplifier which was purchased from ALO audio. This amplifier is in excellent condition. I would rate it 9/10 using the audiogon scale. I used the amplifier for approximately 100 hours. I have the original box and...
  24. pbarach

    How does the Burson HA-160 do with AKG K702 phones?

    Right now, I am powering my well-broken-in K702s with a Headroom MicroAmp. I'm pretty satisfied with the sound (but the bass extension seems limited) and the comfort of the headphones, which I use only for classical music. I've read some good reviews of the Burson amp. If you have heard the K702...
  25. Austerlitz

    $1500 Budget, advice needed.

    Hi!   I've been lurking on head-fi for a few months and I'll start off by saying that I really appreciate the forum and the amount of sound (pun intended) advice that is provided for a relative audiophile rookie such as myself.   I've always been picky about sound quality in general, but...