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  1. Openheart Resin

    Openheart Resin

  2. A

    Budget iem

    Total newbie here. What budget iem($35 or Php 1700) do you guys think would pair well with sony nw a45? I am currently looking at bqeyz kc2 and tin t2. Which do you guys think is better and are there any other great iems around that price? I think my preference is great bass but not muddy and...
  3. naungmon

    Budget Recommendations

    Good day! So, I bought ibasso dc03 from the local shop last week but I still have some troubles choosing IEMs. ( yeah I know, weird to buy a DAC first ) I read a lot about the new Kbear Lark and Fiio FD1 but couldn't decide which one should I get. I look for clarity, sound stage and some...
  4. Final E500

    Final E500

    Final E500 The new model in the E-series which delivers the most neutral sound among the series. The perfect neutral sound signature of the E500 is not only suitable for music lovers who enjoy relaxing neutral sounding, the extreme accuracy in sound localization is also working seamlessly...
  5. needforbeats

    Best sub-$50 headphones

    Hey guys, I currently own a pair of ATH-M40x cans and am looking for something more portable (preferably IEMs). I'll be using this mostly for taking calls, listening to podcasts and music (Pop, Jazz, Indie, Bollywood, Classic Rock, Instrumental and Electronic) on the go, using my phone/Macbook...
  6. DankAudio

    Under $200 IEM Help

    Just a small introduction to my musiic preferences, I mostly listen to EDM,electronic,House,Progressive etc. I was looking for an iem and have narrowed it down to the Kxxs or the OH10, yet I cannot choose or buy both:frowning2: If you know of any other IEM's as well please let me know My...