budget earphones
  1. Tanchjim Tanya

    Tanchjim Tanya

    Features:- >Bullet-shaped small, lightweight design. >Durable Titanium-Alloy rear cavities. >Aviation-grade aluminum alloy shells. >Exquisite Craftsmanship. >Excellent sound quality control. > Newly designed sound acoustic structure. >High-quality cable with In-Line Mic option. >Natural...
  2. needforbeats

    Best sub-$50 headphones

    Hey guys, I currently own a pair of ATH-M40x cans and am looking for something more portable (preferably IEMs). I'll be using this mostly for taking calls, listening to podcasts and music (Pop, Jazz, Indie, Bollywood, Classic Rock, Instrumental and Electronic) on the go, using my phone/Macbook...
  3. Tail

    Budget Chi-Fi recommendation help

    Hey guys! Looking at TRN V90 vs CCA C12 vs Blon BL-03 vs GuideRay GR-i Could you recommend me between these 4 earphones based on some things I'm interested in? Sub bass - which has most of that low end sub-bass impact and slam Mid bass - which has the least bleed into the mids, that veil...


    Vsonic VS3 Vsonic VS3 is the successor to the beloved VSD3S. It features a brand new attractive diamond cut housing as well as a 2 pin detachable connector cable design. It retains the mid-centric sound signature that Vsonic is known for that will be sure to delight long time fans...