budget dap
  1. Headphones and Coffee

    What is the best budget DAP under $150?

    Looking for a digital audio player that supports Spotify , Tidal and maybe other streaming services up to $150. Suggestions please?
  2. DatBlueDatsun240

    FiiO M3K review

    About one month ago I ordered a FiiO M3K off Amazon. Yet I have noted lot's of people have said the ui is bad and laggy I beg to differ. My review is lag-free and easy to navigate the only time I get lag is when playing 20 min + dsd songs. The build quality is great the only MINOR issue is...
  3. DankAudio

    Looking For The Best Budget DAP (Under $300)

    I need some advice on a good, small and portable DAP preferably within the budget of being under $200.Most of my music is in flac format. I dont feel like i need any wireless or streaming features since all of my music is on several micro sd cards. I appreciate you taking your time to read this...
  4. PapaHet

    Looking for budget DAP for the gym

    Guys, I hope you can help me out. I´m tired of carrying my clunky phone to the gym and am looking for a small budget DAP for that purpose. I was thinking about the Shanling M1 but not sure if there is better options out there. Ideally the device should feature: Good Sound SD Card Slot...