1. shotgunshane

    BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Reviews and Discussion | Sunrise, Starlight & FitEar

    I've decided to change this to a BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Review and Discussion thread.  As such, I'll add links to other reviews here in the first post.  Below those links is my original review.   Reviews: doublea71 - sunrise cable review tomscy2000 - sunrise cable review...
  2. Guillermo86


    Hello fellow Head-Fi'ers! I'm in a bit of a jam. I'm relatively new to the whole audiophile game and just wondering if some of you would be kind enough to help me out with a quick decision. I've been scouring eBay for a decent LOD to use with my amp/iPod. I am currently using a Fiio made LOD and...
  3. BTG-Audio LOD

    BTG-Audio LOD

    BTG-Audio's line of LOD's. Each LOD is hand made to order, and employs the following Low profile iPod docks BTG-Audio Custom OFC wire Epoxy putty inside for a life long connection BTG-Audio LOD's are extremely flexible and light weight. Get handmade, without the huge price tag...