1. Number9redreD

    WTT/S: (custom) JH Audio Layla+Brimar Grand Master 8X

    PP fees are included, buyer must pay postage. I am open to offers, but don't be stingy. Hello all, Im currently looking TS or TT my custom JHA Layla’s for the 64 Audio U18t/ Tia Fourtès or Focal Stellias. The reason for this sale is due to something I'm sure many of us have experienced...
  2. Schwibbles

    Amp SOLD: Monoprice Cavalli Liquid Platinum w/extra pair of tubes + More Tubes

    Amp SOLD! I am the original owner. Purchased directly from Monoprice in November, 2018. Since then, it was only my main amp for a couple months and seldom used after that. I would estimate it has been on for less than 200 hours. Due to the light use, it is in excellent condition. There are no...
  3. rosgr63

    FS Brimar 6SN7/CV1988 Used

    Here are some used Brimar 6SN7/CV1988 from my private collection for sale. The tubes have been tested are free from shorts and leakages and results are shown. The 3rd tube is low in one section but without shorts or leakages and can be used. It will be sent FOC to the first person who purchase...
  4. Braver

    SOLD - Brimar 5Z4GY rectifier

    Have listened to this for a couple of albums on my Woo Audio WA6 + Senn HD600, but in the end I prefer the Sophia. It's a great tube though, really clear. Bought new from Langrex a few years ago. It's a waste to let it sit in the cupboard though, so if someone's interested to roll this one, let...
  5. honeyjjack

    Brand new Brimar grand master 8wire

    I bought these cables for my layla which lost a couple days before the cables came. Cables have never been out of the box other than for the picture shoot. Jh audio 4 pin, 3.5mm. These were bought for 2900usd. I believe they are not for sale in the US. Can ship anywhere. Considering any trade...