bright sound
  1. iBasso AM05

    iBasso AM05

    5 Knowles Balanced Armature Driver units each side Impedance:- 32 ohms Sensitivity:- 115 dB +/- 2dB Frequency Range:- 10Hz-40kHz 2.5mm Balanced MMCX cable included [/LIST]
  2. V

    Dac/Amp pairing with my AKG K702

    Hi all! I'm looking to change it up a bit as my K702's are just a tad bit bright for my liking as I'm looking to possibly buy into a slightly warmer sound via Dac/Amp. I've been using the Fulla 2 and the SMSL M2 which sounds identical to me. I am a gamer so positioning is very important. I'm...