brainwavz b400
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    Brainwavs b400 or Massdrop Plus?

    I have a choice: go for b400 now, or save a little more and buy md+. Is md+ that much better in terms of clarity, details, flatness? Sound stage difference? Has anyone been able to compare? b400s seem to offer a lot of value, would md+ be a definitive upgrade over them? Thanks.
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    Shure se425 still relevant? Looking for a neutral IEM under 300

    Hello. Being dead tired of heavy, shweaty overon-ear headphones (my last ones are akg q701), I have finally decided to join the IEM game. And while q701 is adequate - their fatiguing highs and weak bass (personally not a bass-head, though) is something I would like to get away from to something...
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    Brainwavz Cyber Monday Deals Now Live - Get'em while they're hot!

    Cyber Monday has arrived, below are the deals Brainwavz is currently running, most deals will run till Wednesday. Most deals are mirrored on our direct website, and (delivers to all of EU). Storewide Coupon Code* (Brainwavz audio store only): Get and extra 15% off your...