bottlehead mainline
  1. Luxifer

    Bottlehead Mainline FS/Trade for Cavalli Tube Hybrid

    Sounds fantastic, my favorite sub-$2k tube amp. No functional issues. Ready for all the listening or modding that you want to do. I am aiming to downsize my collection, and will consider a sale of this amp, or a trade for a CTH (or similar amp) plus cash. Please let me know if you have any...
  2. ColtMrFire

    WTB: ECP Torpedo III

    Having recently acquired a Gumby, I'm looking to step my amp game up a couple notches. Currently have a Lyr 2. I have heard nothing but great things about this amp and am looking for it used, under $1K. Shoot me a PM.
  3. PointyFox

    SOLD: BottleHead Mainline

    Sold Works great. Tubes have low hours. The base was stained, contains the Bottlehead badge, and the transformer housing was painted black. 120V input.