1. T

    Sony A45 Bootloop, can I reset that without menu access?

    Hello, It's my 1. message, so hello Folks! I bought Sony A45. After receiving it, I fully charged it and was starting to use it. After no more than 2 hours A45 stucked in freezing state during building database for more than next 2h. After that it is in infinite bootloop until now, it's 4...
  2. nick102

    Sony Walkman NW-ZX1 Boot Loop Issue

    Hey guys, I've got a Sony Walkman NW - ZX1 that's stuck on a boot loop. It got there at random (not after a firmware update). The device was powered off and the next time I powered it on - boot loop. All I'm seeing is the Walkman logo with the colour animation until it runs out of battery...