1. Carrow

    [TRADED] Blur Ultimate Brokee Earbud (Balanced/Prototype)

    I don't want to have to do this, but I am having to sell my barely-used Blur Ultimate Brokee prototype. Why? Well, I agreed to purchase it off Wong Kuan Wae when I was still in possession of a working balanced DAP. They arrived last month after a slight delay - and then the DAP in question...
  2. siderak

    Blur Earbuds Lovers

    Just like the title says... This was suggested by redkingjoe in the Earbuds Round-Up thread which made me pull out my 300ohm silver-cabled Blurs this morning. Listening to them for an hour while walking my dogs strongly compelled action. After owning for over a year, they are still my personal...
  3. noknok23

    Earbuds: Cypherus Campfred1, Blur "black witch" 300ohm, K's 300 Samsara, TY HI-Z 150s

    I am selling a couple of earbuds I don't use enough in order to fund my next TOTL earbud :) Blur 300 ohm - like new SOLD K's 300 samsara - like new SOLD SEAHF F650S like new 50€ TY HI-Z 150s !2.5mm BALANCED PLUG! like new 20€ eKing FULL like new 20€ IEM Venture Electronics DUKE 2.5mm !BALANCED...