bluetooth receiver
  1. Shanling UP2

    Shanling UP2

  2. TUNAI SQUARE Portable bluetooth receiver DAC-AMP

    TUNAI SQUARE Portable bluetooth receiver DAC-AMP

    CUT THE CORD - Instantly transform any wired earphones into Bluetooth wireless earphones - includes built-in cord management system with a clean, minimal design WORKS WITH ALL APPS - Compatible with all streaming services like Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and all your...
  3. xDuoo XP-2 Bluetooth & USB DAC/Amp

    xDuoo XP-2 Bluetooth & USB DAC/Amp

    Portable DAC/Amp With Bluetooth 5.0 Packing loads of functionality into a small profile, the xDuoo XP-2 DAC/amp works through both USB and Bluetooth. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 HD signal transmission with support for AAC, SBC, and aptX, it’s ideally suited for wire-free travel. The XP-2 can...
  4. FiiO BTR3

    FiiO BTR3

    【Powerful audio core + High-performance DAC】The Qualcomm CR8675 Bluetooth chip +High-performance independent AK4376A DAC used in the BTR3 are designed for enhanced audio applications with support for 24-bit transmission and processing, as well as extremely low distortion and extremely high...
  5. EarStudio ES100

    EarStudio ES100

    Product page: Kickstarter page: Basic specifications: Bluetooth Audio Qualcomm aptX Classic/HD, AAC, MP3, SBC Hands-free / built-in high sensitive...
  6. mellda

    Portable bluetooth DAC/AMP receiver for android

    Hello guys. I need help with choosing the best receiver. I want to create wireless headphones from my Shure 1540. I will attache the small bluetooth receiver to the headphone bridge, add a wireless charger and print the stand on my 3D printer. But I'm not sure which receiver to buy. I don't...